Nicole Kidman Reacts to Golden Globe Nomination for 'Crazy, Female-Driven' Destroyer

Nicole Kidman Reacts to Golden Globe Nomination for 'Crazy, Female-Driven' Destroyer

Nicole Kidman has become a staple at the Golden Globe Awards for her consistently fascinating performances, but she’s still thrilled to pick up her latest nomination for Destroyer.

The four-time Golden Globe winner and 12-time nominee was once again recognized Thursday morning when she earned a nomination in the best performance by an actress in a motion picture, drama. PEOPLE caught up with Kidman, 51, shortly after the nominations were announced to get her reaction.

“I’m so, so happy for this film. This crazy, female-driven film with this dangerous, complicated woman at the center of it,” she says of Destroyer, where she plays a former detective who went undercover in her youth to infiltrate a California gang with tragic results.

“It was such a risk, so to be acknowledged — the Hollywood Foreign Press is so good at that because they acknowledge these small films that would really struggle if they didn’t get this kind of celebration,” she continues. “Also for [director] Karyn Kusama who’s been in this for a long time, and I share this with her ’cause this is our baby.”

While Kidman had a big night at the 2018 Golden Globes earlier this year thanks to her award-winning role in the TV show Big Little Lies, the actress admits she’s happy to be nominated again for a movie.

“To come back for film is beautiful,” she says. “It’s tough for films now, particularly for films like this story. So to be in the running for a film is just beautiful. Especially these independent, smaller films, to still be carving a path for them.”

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Another reason to celebrate? Her Boy Erased co-star Lucas Hedges also nabbed a nomination! The 21-year-old actor was recognized for his role in the movie, in which Kidman plays his quietly accepting mom while he’s forced to go through the horrors of gay conversion therapy.

“My son! My son got nominated! My boy!” she says excitedly as soon as Hedges is brought up. “He so deserves that, because when you look at the nuance of that performance and how beautiful that performance is and what it stands for, for that film to get acknowledged, it’s beautiful. And for Troye Sivan for song! My two boys, I call them.”

The 76th Golden Globe Awards will air live from The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, Jan. 6 on NBC.

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