Netflix viewers outraged by ‘one-sided’ Harry & Meghan volume 2

Netflix viewers outraged by ‘one-sided’ Harry & Meghan volume 2

Harry and Meghan: Netflix tease dramatic end to documentary

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Some viewers who have already caught up on the whole series of Harry & Meghan have blasted what they deem to be a “one-sided” account by the Sussexes, with many challenging some of the claims made in the final three episodes. Some who had watched took to social media to accuse the pair of portraying a biased account, while others were outraged by some of the claims made.

One such claim saw Harry sharing his believe that Meghan’s miscarriage was a result of stress caused by the media frenzy at the time.

Another saw the couple discuss how the late Queen Elizabeth II had “stayed quiet” during a fiery meeting between the then Prince Charles, Prince William and Harry.

Harry recalled that when he approached his family to talk about the possibility of leaving his royal duties behind: “It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me and my father say things that simply weren’t true.”

The pair also delved into further detail about the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview.

In response to the new episodes, viewers were divided on their takeaway from the programme.

Twitter user @JessycaMccargo fumed: “A BETRAYAL of significant proportions. Meghan and Harry suffered the miscarriage of a child as the result and an overwhelming amount of stress during BOTH of the other pregnancies. How do you come back from something like this?”

@Rose19630352 commented: “Quite frankly there are more important things going on in the world Near 200 million people starving/kids being killed in a senseless war & they moan about what it was like to be royal.

“Time to move on I think. The state of the world is more concerning #HarryandMeghan.”

@pilothardy raged: “God this s*** is so one-sided. You guys, this is hard to get through. #HarryandMeghan #HarryandMeghanNetflix #MeghanMarkIeisaLiar #MeghanExposingHerself #PilotLiveTweets.”

@Rose19630352 remarked: “Who wants to hear privileged people complaining how they were fed to the wolves by royal institution/how hard their royal lives were because they weren’t getting their way? The thing with her is she doesn’t come off as genuine everything is all about her. #harryandmeghan.”

Others took a different approach, however, with @MrsO4life stating: “I’m glad they are showing clips of all the hateful comments from the media. #HarryandMeghan.”

“I’m a full grown man crying as I watch #HarryandMeghan on Netflix,” @TheoOstrich shared.

He continued: “If it’s only 100 of us that watch it, I’m still consoled that H&M told their story from Montecito haven.

“If u cannot hold #RoyalFamily accountable, u are complicit. May God bless d Sussexes. #HarryandMeganNetflix.” (sic)

The first episodes were made available on the streaming platform last week, and again saw a mixed reception from viewers.

The new three instalments mark the conclusion to the highly-anticipated series.

Episode six ended on a happy note for the couple as they expressed the joy they had found in their new life together.

Harry & Meghan is now available to watch in full on Netflix.

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