Netflix May Have Accidentally Revealed ‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 Release Date

Netflix May Have Accidentally Revealed ‘Black Mirror’ Season 5 Release Date


The upcoming fifth season of Netflix sci-fi series “Black Mirror” may be hitting the streaming service very, very soon — and it also has an official subtitle.
That’s what fans have gathered from a since-deleted tweet from one of Netflix’s many official Twitter accounts, which shared a bunch of release dates for new sci-fi, superhero, and fantasy content due to debut soon. In an image briefly shared by @NXOnNetflix, a list of new titles — and one in particular — caught audiences’ eyes.

Netflix via SlashFilm

It looks like season five of “Black Mirror” will be known as “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” and it will premiere on December 28. Or perhaps this is merely the first episode of season five (hence the subtitle), with additional episodes rolling out at a later date. Whatever the timeframe, the image was only up for a few minutes before being deleted, suggesting that this is indeed a legit title and release date.Slash Film did some digging to uncover additional details about the “Bandersnatch” moniker, reporting that fans pieced together clues about the title that point to a real-life 1980s UK video game with that name, which was never finished. And apparently, the game was also referenced way back in season three of “Black Mirror.” So that makes it even more likely that this title is the real deal.
We already know that the show is set to tackle the world of interactive storytelling this season, and “Bandersnatch” seems like a natural way in to that. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Netflix will reveal more concrete details about the new episode(s) soon.
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