NCIS New Orleans fans left in tears by season seven premiere COVID death ‘I knew it!’

NCIS New Orleans fans left in tears by season seven premiere COVID death ‘I knew it!’

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The most popular show in the US, NCIS, is finally back alongside its Los Angeles and New Orleans-based spin-offs. As the CBS series tackles the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, fans were saddened by an unexpected death in NCIS: NOLA’s season premiere.

Dwayne Pride (played by Scott Bakula) and the rest of the New Orleans team finally returned on November 8 with the game-changing premiere of season seven.

After NCIS and its two spin-offs were cut short by COVID-19 earlier this year, production is finally back on schedule and all three series are returning for new instalments this month.

In NCIS: NOLA, Something in the Air, Tammy (Vanessa Ferlito) and Carter (Charles Michael Davis) are sent to investigate a strange death aboard an offshore humanitarian ship, Eternal Hope.

Meanwhile, Dr. Loretta Wade (C. C. H. Pounder) has her experience put to the test when the morgue becomes overwhelmed with victims of the ongoing pandemic.

By incorporating real world events into the new season, NCIS: New Orleans has already been praised for kicking things off with one of its grittiest and sobering cases yet.

As the episode continued, viewers received a heartbreaking dose of reality when a newcomer to the series was killed off by the virus in a surprising twist.

Emergency medical technician (EMT) Roger Colton (Escalante Lundy) became a major player in the season seven premiere, making multiple trips to Dr. Wade’s morgue.

Despite shrugging off the pandemic by referencing their handling of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, many fans felt he was doomed from the start.

Over on Twitter, one fan noted: “I knew it!!! I knew Roger was in danger.”

With his cavalier attitude to the growing cases and his apparent refusal to wear a mask, it was clear to some Roger had signed his death warrant upon his first moments on screen.

Lo and behold, Wade’s assistant this episode Sebastian (Rob Kerkovich) eventually discovers Roger’s body among the newly arrived deceased.

Offering an inspiring take on her role as a frontline worker during the pandemic, Dr. Wade mused: “Every time I close my eyes, I see bodies rolling in.”

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“There are people who are still awake, working double and triple shifts. I’m healthy, I’m trained, I’m here.”

With Pride replying: “It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. We’re going to need all of our reserves to weather the storm.”

Normally known for its thrilling action sequences and crime scene investigations, NCIS: NOLA took fans by surprise with its poignant response to the global pandemic.

More fans flooded to social media to express their sorrow at Roger’s death in the season seven premiere.

One said: “Oh no :(( Roger. He seemed like one of the good guys.” And another added: “I’m grateful for y’all showing us what’s really going on!!”

As many TV shows have offered a more humorous counterbalance to the devastating pandemic, NCIS has returned with an urgent reminder of the very real consequences of COVID-19.

The two-part story will conclude this Sunday, though the effects of coronavirus may very well continue to hang over the rest of NCIS: NOLA’s seventh season.

NCIS: New Orleans, Something in the Air, Part 2, will air Sunday, November 15 on CBS.

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