Naya Rivera on Lea Michele Beef and the Worst Song Ever Performed on 'Glee'

Naya Rivera on Lea Michele Beef and the Worst Song Ever Performed on 'Glee'

The actress drops by “Watch What Happens Live” where she also talks about the current status of her relationship with ex Big Sean.

Naya Rivera is a woman with virtually no filter and no fear, as evidenced by her memoir and basically everything she does. And she brought that attitude to "Watch What Happens Live" Wednesday night where she dished on all things "Glee" and some things Big Sean.

When a viewer asked her if she’d spoken directly to he former costar Lea Michele after she’d liked a picture of Lea’s engagement ring on Instagram, Naya answered with a smile, "I did not speak to her, but I mean everyone sees Instagram, right?"

Does that sound like shade to you? Well, contrary to popular belief over the past decade, Naya says everyone’s got it all wrong about the two women who were accused of battling like divas during the heyday of the popular show.

"I don’t think there was like any beef," she said. And then referring to the Instagram post, she added, "It’s a good ring."

But while she says has no problems with her costar and on-screen rival, Naya did not hesitate to mention one thing she did have a problem with. When Andy asked her to name the worst song the New Directions ever performed, it only took Naya a moment to come up with.

Now, considering the group performed over 750 songs throughout the show’s six seasons, it’s pretty impressive she was able to pull it out of her hat instantaneously like that, even if she struggled to come up with the song’s name.

She knew the lyrics, though, and called it "very depressing" making it very clear she was talking about "Do They Know It’s Christmas?"

You can check out that performance below and see if you agree with her. We think it was a pretty solid rendition, and Naya absolutely nailed her accent pieces on the song’s chorus, but then she did always have one of the show’s more powerful voices.

Later in the show, a caller decided to check up on another moment from Naya’s recent career that also looked like some hardcore shade-throwing. During her appearance on "Lip Sync Battle," the singer tackled Big Sean’s "I Don’t F–k with You."

It’s a pretty aggressive song to begin with, but then you add to it the fact that she and Sean used to date, and was she trying to make a statement there? A caller wanted to know if the former couple had spoken since her performance of his hit, but Naya shut down their hopes of another beef pretty quickly.

" I did not hear from him after that but we actually did recently just touch base and just, he wished me a happy belated birthday, I said hi and water under the bridge," she explained.

Apparently Naya just doesn’t have beef with anyone right now (and never did with a certain someone), which could be because of the writing process that went behind writing her memoir.

When she was asked if she had any nervousness about anyone reading it, Naya said absolutely not.

She also described the writing experience as cathartic. "I wanted to put everything out on the table about me," she explained. "That way like nobody could say they had anything on me. I was like this is who I am, there you go."

And just like that, Naya sums up her philosophy about life. Life is too short to get all mixed up in drama. But if it happens, own up to it, own up to your role in it … and maybe publish a best-selling memoir about it. Just get it all off your chest and move on with your life.

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