Naked Attraction fans horrified by contestant's weird sex fetish of farting on her partner's face

Naked Attraction fans horrified by contestant's weird sex fetish of farting on her partner's face

NAKED Attraction fans were left absolutely gobsmacked when host Anna Richardson gave them a sneak peek into one woman's fetish.

Anna, 50, posted a cheeky clip from the show's editing room that showed one contestant's confession that his partner liked farting on him.

"And this is why I love my job," she explained to the camera before turning it on the editing screen.

The clip showed Anna chatting to a man on the main stage about the unusual fetish.

He explained: "I don't know what she was thinking, I think she thought it would be funny and I was in complete shock for her to fart in my mouth."

After his revelation, the clip played an animation of a person farting in their partner's face in bed, explaining the fetish is called 'eproctophilia'.

It is a condition in which people are sexually attracted to flatulence, and either like to fart on their partner, or in most cases, want their sexual partner to fart on them.

After the sneak peek into the upcoming episode, Anna excitedly exclaimed, "that's my show".

She also captioned the Instagram post: "I KNOW IT’S CHILDISH!!!!! BUT…c’mon….I dare you not to laugh. I love @c4nakedattraction for sooooooo many reasons…this job brings joy into my life, and you can’t ask for more than that. Yes, I know, I’m a teenager stuck inside an old bird’s body…but I snigger every time I watch this 🤩"

Her fans could not believe what they had just seen, with some shocked
"there's even a name for it".

One Instagram user wrote: "My favourite TV show. Pure comedy."

Another added: "This cannot be a thing!"

And a third said: "This is horrific and hilarious in equal measure!'

Channel 4's Naked Attraction has proved a controversial dating show since the start thanks to its full-frontal nudity and close-up shots of genitals.

Earlier this series one 23-year-old contestant walked off the set after seeing real-life naked women for the first time.

A former contestant has revealed what it's really like to star on Naked Attraction – and she was asked to do a handstand naked on camera.

Millie Norris, from Newquay, Cornwall, appeared on the fourth series in November 2018, when she was 24.

Speaking to Fabulous, she said: "I'd just broken up with an ex-boyfriend, so I was single and thinking ‘what’s out there?'

"I saw an advert on Facebook and thought ‘I’ll apply for a bit of a laugh, I probably won’t get on but it would be funny’. It just spiralled and I ended up being on the show."

Two months after applying, in May 2018, Millie was stark naked filming in Naked Attraction's studio.

Now 26 and loved up with golf course groundsman Craig Thomas, 30, who she met in a pub, Millie also opened up about being trolled for her bikini line shaving rash and said contestants don't get paid, although she did manage to pocket £40.

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