Money Heist season 5: How the police enter the bank ‘solved’ with key Instagram clue

Money Heist season 5: How the police enter the bank ‘solved’ with key Instagram clue

Money Heist: Netflix release dramatic teaser for season five

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It’s all coming to an end in the upcoming fifth season of the spectacular Spanish crime series, Money Heist. After the first footage of the show’s highly anticipated return to Netflix was released, viewers have been trying to work out how the police were able to break into the Bank of Spain to take on the Professor’s (played by Álvaro Morte) gang of robbers.

An intriguing clue spotted on Instagram may have revealed a key plot point from the upcoming fifth part of Netflix’s international hit series, Money Heist.

The first trailer has teased an action-packed final instalment, in which Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) and the rest of the gang take on the Spanish police.

However, fans are still unsure how the armed officers will find a way to break through the thick walls of the Bank of Spain after the heist went into lockdown.

Now, one eagle-eyed viewer thinks they may have spotted the answer in an intriguing post from recurring cast member, Fernando Cayo.

They posted to Reddit when they realised the new still of his character, Colonel Luis Tamayoa, may have accidentally revealed a major spoiler.

Reddit user The_one_and_only987 posted: “After seeing the trailer… on Fernando Cayo’s Instagram you can see in the background the door of the bank blown up.

“I think this is the way that the police enter the bank as seen in the trailer.”

Some fans have already pointed out that the new trailer is heavily stylised, and may not accurately represent the actual narrative of the next season.

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A post shared by FERNANDO CAYO (@fernandocayo1)

One replied to the post: “I’m not sure the trailer is what literally happens, I think it is more of a vignette.”

Still, the main take away from the footage is the police invasion of the Bank, so fans should still expect this to happen at some point in the series.

With Cayo’s recent post, patient viewers finally have a clearer picture of how the police get into the Bank to take on the criminals.

While the police’s way into the heist has been all but confirmed, it still remains to be seen what methods they’ll use to break down the door.

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The new still from season five doesn’t make it clear whether the police use explosives to break open the door, or use some kind of tool to cut open an entrance.

However, the twisted metal shrapnel certainly indicates a form of explosive has been used to infiltrate the rear entrance of the Bank.

One viewer noted the police’s explosive entrance would be the perfect way to begin Money Heist’s season five premiere.

They replied: “Imagine if season 5 starts right with the doors being blown in, that would be one way to kick it off.”

Unfortunately, the trailer suggests when the police do arrive bloodshed and carnage are soon to follow.

With their lives already on the line at the end of season four, hopefully the Professor’s team have a little more time to prepare their counter-assault.

Season five of Money Heist will be split into two halves, so there’s also the possibility the police’s break-in will form a devastating midseason cliffhanger.

Thankfully, the series will air the first five episodes of the last volume in September, so fans just need to get through the rest of summer to find out what happens next.

Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1 will be released on Friday, September 3 on Netflix. Volume 2 is coming Friday, December 3.

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