Moby Details 'Out of Control' Substance Abuse in First Trailer for 'Moby Doc' (Video)

Moby Details 'Out of Control' Substance Abuse in First Trailer for 'Moby Doc' (Video)

Artist revealed he missed his own mom’s funeral because he was passed out in bed drunk

Greenwich Entertainment has released the first trailer for “Moby Doc,” the surrealist documentary from Rob Balver about the life and career of electronic music artist Moby. Watch the embed above.

“We think that if we have the right amount of money, we have the right amount of recognition, you’ll find perfect human happiness,” Moby says in the trailer. “But I tried, and it didn’t work.”

“My life as a musician has taken me to a lot of very odd places,” Moby added. “Sounds like hyperbole, but music saved me.”

Greenwich also released the poster.


Written, directed and edited by Balver, the film will be guided by narration from Moby himself as he recounts his rise from the underground punk scene to one of the most influential electronic artists ever, fighting addiction (he missed his mom’s funeral because he was passed out drunk) and becoming an activist for various social causes along the way. The film features interviews with David Lynch, David Bowie and Shepard Fairey, along with concert and archival footage.

“Moby Doc” will be the latest in a series of music documentaries released by Greenwich, following the Laurel Canyon folk music doc “Echo in the Canyon” and “Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice.” The distributor also handled the release of the Oscar-winning 2018 documentary “Free Solo,” which captured Alex Honnold’s death-defying ascent up El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without any climbing gear.

“Moby Doc” was produced by Rob Bralver and Jeff Broadway with Moby as an executive producer and Marty Bales, Eric Harle and Dave Tomberlin as co-producers. Greenwich’s Andy Bohn negotiated the deal with 30WEST on behalf of the filmmakers. The film will be released in theaters and on digital platforms on May 28.

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