Matt Tebbutt slammed over awkward blunder as Saturday Kitchen fans fume

Matt Tebbutt slammed over awkward blunder as Saturday Kitchen fans fume

Saturday Kitchen: Ed corrects Matt ‘British/Irish’

Matt Tebbutt was criticised during the latest episode of Saturday Kitchen after he kept referring to Irish comedian Ed Byrne as “British”.

Ed was explaining how dark humour helps him to cope with life’s tragedies when TV chef Matt responded by commenting it was a “British” thing.

Viewers tuned into the BBC staple weren’t pleased after Ed had to correct him, with Twitter user @Beakmoo fuming: “#SaturdayKitchen Did Matt just accuse Ed Byrne of being British?”

@MaguireSam2 added: “At least 3 times before challenged…”(sic)

@macaroni_pie shared: “Oh Matt! ‘There’s nothing like British humour’ he says to the Irish comedian, as this is not live, why didn’t they stop and re-record that bit? #saturdaykitchen.”

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“I think they’ve used the term British 3 times,” @mugggz pointed out.

@Beakmoo remarked: “Ed’s patience was astounding,” as @johnsavage1960 posted: “Saturday Kitchen presenter to Ed Byrne: ‘Is that a particularly British sense of humour?'”

It came as the duo were discussing humour and Ed explained how audience members can tire of certain topics.

He said joking about what it’s like to have children can “alienate” audience members who don’t have them and joked: “So this one’s about my dead brother – there you go!”

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“Nothing like British humour,” Matt replied before going on to repeat the phrase a couple more times.

Ed replied: “Yeah, the show’s called tragedy plus time, it’s all about… it was Mark Twain I believe who said, ‘Humour is tragedy plus time’.

“So it’s all about how dark humour and just jokes, in general, will get you through the worst moments in your life.

“And death comes to us all, you know, we all experience grief at some point in our life and the best way to do it is to laugh at it.”

“Do you think that’s a particularly British way of dealing with grief?” Matt asked.

“British stroke Irish,” Ed responded, to which Matt remarked: “OK.”

Ed laughed awkwardly before Matt continued: “With black humour?”

“Well I think you’ll find the people who have to deal with death, so doctors, soldiers, firefighters, people like that tend to have the darkest sense of humour you’ll find of anyone because it’s a coping mechanism, isn’t it?” Ed pointed out.

Saturday Kitchen airs weekly at 10am on BBC One.

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