Mary makes surprising request for when she dies in Corrie

Mary makes surprising request for when she dies in Corrie

Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) reminded us of her love for TV presenter Ben Shephard in Tuesday’s (September 19) episode of Coronation Street.

The beloved character first revealed that she’s quite possibly Ben’s number one fan back in 2020.

Mary told Sean (Antony Cotton) that she loves the Tipping Point star so much, she had bought a warm and cosy blanket with his face all over it.

Ben’s, not Sean’s.

Mary explained to Sean at the time that she was more than happy to share her blanket but he wasn’t too keen.

Let it be known if Mary made the offer to us, we’d say yes ASAP.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap, Mary proved that Ben was still firmly at the forefront of her mind during a discussion with George (Tony Maudsley).

They were talking about novelty funerals, which aim to give a more personal touch to the event.

Mary thought this was a great idea but when George said she could have a ‘floral’ themed one, it didn’t stick.

However, Mary then concluded that she’d actually like her funeral package to be focused on Ben.

Specifically, his bed.

In all honesty, we’re not even the slightest bit surprised this thought crossed Mary’s mind tonight but the one thing we’re desperate to know?

What on earth would Ben Shephard make of this?!

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