Married at First Sight's Amy 'to be a millionaire by next year' after being bombarded with TV deals and fashion signings

Married at First Sight's Amy 'to be a millionaire by next year' after being bombarded with TV deals and fashion signings

MARRIED at First Sight's Amy Christophers is on track to become a millionaire by next year – after being bombarded with TV deals and fashion signings.

The former glamour model, 34, has been at the centre of the most dramatic episodes this series after marrying Joshua Christie, 26, moments after meeting him.

Despite their rollercoaster relationship and “““Amy's fiery exchanges with co-stars over the dinner table, her honest battle to be lucky in love has made her a favourite with viewers.

"Amy has been one of the biggest stars to come out of Married at First Sight this year," a source told The Sun.

"Although she's had her fair share of drama, she hasn't shied away from showing her vulnerable side, which has made her relatable to viewers.

"She was already well known from her glamour modelling career before going into sports journalism. But since breaking into reality TV it's massively increased her exposure.

"She's being bombarded by sports brands who thinks she's the perfect role model showing you can have beauty and brains and still be sporty.

"It means Amy is now on track to make a fortune in brand deals and Instagram sponsorships that will set her up to be a millionaire by next year."

Sports journalist Amy has been a fashion role model to young girls watching the show, inspiring body positivity after she was cruelly trolled online.

Despite only being a size 12-14, Amy was called "fat" on social media when the show launched.

But Amy confidently told us "I love my body" – and admits she was "miserable" at her slimmest as a model.

She's since been praised for stripping down to a bikini on honeymoon with Josh – and is constantly asked about her outfits on Instagram.

"When I was shooting calendars I'd get down to a size 6," said Amy.

"Looking back at those pictures I think 'oh yeah, I look banging', but then I remember how miserable I was.

"All I did was drink water – now I'm happy to have a glass of champagne and I'm probably keeping Deliveroo and UberEats in business.

"I enjoy my life now and I'm far happier than I was when I was a model having to watch my weight.

"It makes me sad to think I used to look in the mirror and think I looked fat.

"You've got to love the body you've got."

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