Mark Wright goes topless to show off weight loss after eating too much ‘indulgent food’ over Christmas – The Sun

Mark Wright goes topless to show off weight loss after eating too much ‘indulgent food’ over Christmas – The Sun

MARK Wright went topless to show his fans the extent of his weight loss.

The presenter took to Instagram to show how much progress he had made and made a valiant plea to his followers to look after their bodies.

The reality star posted two before and after snaps showcasing the difference in his body shape between January 2 and February 2.

The 33-year-old showed off ripped abs and slimmer figure that he managed to achieve in just one month.

In an honest assessment of himself, Mark admitted he over-indulged during the Christmas period and limited his visits to the gym.

Even though he's managed to bounce back in the New Year, Mark revealed he plans to go even harder throughout this month.

He said on Instagram: "February I will try to go even harder with both my diet and gym workouts."

The ex-footballer added: "December was all about relaxing more, indulging in Christmas food and toning down the regular visits to the gym.
"Through January I tried my best to cut down on the indulgent foods and eat a bit more of what I know works better for me."

Mark told his followers that he felt better physically and mentally since he began working out more consistently again and hopes to inspire them into action.

Mark enjoyed a stunning holiday with his wife Michelle Keegan in Jamaica and did not want to worry about exercising, but got down to business when returned home.

"I ate reasonably well and went to the gym around 3/4 times a week," Mark said.

"January is always a hard time anyway to get straight back in to it after a whole month of Christmas foods and drinks," wrote Mark.

"I personally feel it’s too much of a drastic change, so I do what I can."

In the past, Wright has been criticised for his body, with trolls branded him as "too buff" and people encouraging him to eat more.

"Nobody should look down on anybody in this world who wants to train, be slim and look good," he said.

In one last word of encouragement for his fans on his Instagram post, Mark added: "I hope I can inspire you to try them and hope you can take something from them.


Mark received some gentle ribbing from his showbiz pals in the comments, most notably from Piers Morgan.

The Good Morning Britain presenter joked: "Which one’s the after pic?"

Some his fans praised his hard work, with one saying: "Looking good fella."

Whilst another added: "You look amazing."


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