Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan's home 'takes shape' as stars lay the brickwork of their dream £1.3m Essex mansion

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan's home 'takes shape' as stars lay the brickwork of their dream £1.3m Essex mansion

MARK Wright and Michelle Keegan's dream home is one step closer to becoming a reality as they started laying the brickwork.

The couple shared the exciting step on their £1.3million dream mansion on the Instagram page dedicated to their new home which Mark said was "moving fast".

"Brick work, going up!! Taking shape!!" they wrote on the video showing their bricks going up.

Mark filmed the tradies working hard and revealed the brickwork had gone up in just 10 days.

"Up to the windows on the brick work which will then be rendered in white, making the whole house white," Mark told their followers.

"Moving fast, this has all happened – the brickwork – in the space of 10 days."

As he panned across the structure, he pointed out key features of their mansion.

"That there will be the bar, the front and of course the other side," Mark narrated.

The Heart radio host and Michelle are building their luxury home from scratch, with work first getting underway last summer.

Sharing a video recorded after the foundations were laid, Mark has told his fans that it was "nerve-wracking" choosing the final layout and shape.

He wrote alongside the footage on Instagram: "Back in August, seeing the shape of the house.

"Was a nerve wracking moment, hoping we chose the right shape etc.

"All of that land there, never to be seen again…. well until somebody one day in many many years knocks it down to create their dream once we are gone. 100 years at least I hope."

Mark and Michelle have sold their luxury Essex home to fund their new build.

As he panned across the footprint of the property, which will look out over rolling fields, the former Towie star said in the August clip: "So we knocked down the house about a month ago.

"We've now put the piles in, which is the foundations…which are those things there. Now the membrane's down and the steels will go on top of that.

"But that there is the mat and the base of the house. One month into it, just getting started. Gonna try and get this done within 12 months."

Mark and Michelle were granted planning permission to demolish a £1.3 million farmhouse and construct a five-bed mansion in Ongar.

It will come complete with a bar, a gym and an outdoor swimming pool.  

But given that the house is many months away from completion, it will now likely mean the couple will have to rent or move in with pals until it's complete.

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