Lucifer season 5 theories: Will Linda Martin’s daughter die? Star drops hint

Lucifer season 5 theories: Will Linda Martin’s daughter die? Star drops hint

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Rachael Harris has starred as Lucifer’s therapist since season one of the supernatural drama. Recently, Harris posted a behind-the-scenes snap on her personal Instagram and fans are starting to suspect something dark will happen to Linda Martin. has everything you need to know.

Will Linda Martin’s daughter die?

At the end of season five, Linda and the angel Amenadiel (played by DB Woodside) learned their son, Charlie, was a full human.

Before, she and Amenadiel believed Charlie to be part-human and part-celestial being, but they were proved wrong.

Earlier in the series, Linda shared one of her biggest secrets with Maze.

When Maze (Lelsey-Ann Brandt) was venting her anger about her mother Lilith, (L.Scott Caldwell) abandoning her, Harris revealed she had a child when she was 17-years-old.

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Throughout the pregnancy, Linda was in denial and even when given birth, she thought it was some huge mistake

Sadly, Linda did not have the strength to raise her newborn daughter and could not face giving her up for adoption.

Instead, Linda fled the hospital when the nurses were not looking, abandoning her daughter.

Linda explained to Maze she believed she was giving her daughter, Adriana (Alexandra Grossi) a better life by leaving her.

With the help of Maze, Linda was able to track down her daughter.

They visited her at an open house, where Adriana was working as an estate agent, but when they came face to face, Linda was unable to confront her daughter.

Instead, she registered on the adoption register in case her daughter ever wanted to find her.

Fans are now worried Linda will now lose the opportunity to meet her daughter after Harris posting a worrying behind-the-scenes snap.


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Harris posted a photo of her character Linda Martin crying into the arms of Tom Ellis’s Lucifer, who also looks very concerned.

She captioned the post: “What happened here? You’ll see when 5B comes out…..

“Thank you, @agata_louie wardrobe designer for @lucifernetflix. Follow her for details on all things style for #Lucifer.”

Fans immediately took to the comment sections demanding more information, with many sharing their theories about what the photo represents.

One fan said: “My guesses are that she’s crying over her daughter or over Amenadiel because god took him? so many guesses haha.”


A third fan wrote: “I feel like something happened with her daughter” alongside a crying emoji.

At the moment it is unknown if the photograph is from the show’s upcoming eight episodes or the show’s sixth and final season.

Fans will have to wait until Lucifer season five, part two airs to find out.

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