Love true crime shows? MagellanTV will pay you $2,400 to watch them for 24 hours straight

Love true crime shows? MagellanTV will pay you $2,400 to watch them for 24 hours straight

Ever wanted to get paid for watching TV? One streaming service is offering it, as long as you love learning about serial killers and can stomach gory crime details.

MagellanTV, a streaming service with over 3,000 documentaries, is offering to pay three people $2,400 to binge-watch true crime documentaries for 24 hours straight.

It’s the second year in a row MagellanTV will be offering the job. Last year, one person was paid $1,000 for it; now three people can earn $100 an hour and a one-year free membership to the streaming service. People selected will have to document their experience on social media.

Anyone that dares to take the challenge has to fill out an application.The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. ET May 5. 

Candidates must be at least 18 years old and be a U.S. resident. Top candidates should be able to “handle the most menacing serial killer, the goriest details, and don’t flinch at the chilling paranormal.” 

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What shows will you have to watch?

Contestants will have to watch 18 back-to-back documentaries that range from 24 minutes to 3 hours long. Here’s the list of documentaries and what they are about, per MagellanTV:

“Great Bank Heists”: This film examines three of the most incredible and ingenious robberies of all time

“Mistress Mercy”: Digs beneath the scandalous headlines to unearth the story of a young woman out of her depth and left to fend for herself in society’s seedy underbelly.

“A Shallow Grave”: Explores the mystery of what happened to a businessman who was buried for eight years in the backyard of a house in Brixton

“A Monster Among Us”: Tholeni, a normal, quiet rural village in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, was turned into a hunting ground for a serial killer in 2008.

“Crossbow Killer”: On a sweltering hot summer day in 1992, the unidentifiable bloated body of a man was found in the Black River in Cape Town. He had a crossbow bolt through his head.

“Night Terror”: In April 2006, a double murder in Cape Town made world headlines. The two victims were a 28-year-old actor at the height of his career and a fashion designer.

“Murder in Paradise”: On 15 September 2014, two British backpackers were found dead, brutally beaten just yards from their hotel in Thailand.

“Jonestown Paradise Lost”: This drama-documentary tracks the days leading up to the infamous mass murder/suicides of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple

“The Family: Inside the Manson Cult”: Tells the story of how one man transformed a harmless group into a gang of brutal murderers.

“The Price of Honor”: About the murders of teenage sisters from Lewisville, Texas, who were killed in a premeditated “honor killing” in 2008.

“Crime Files with David Wilson”: Criminologist Professor David Wilson hosts a new and innovative discussion show exploring Scottish crimes.

“The Great Mint Swindle”: Based on a true story, three Australian brothers become embroiled in a scam by selling a fake gold nugget to a tycoon.

“Chain Gang Girls”: Serving time in Maricopa County, Arizona is brutal. Inmates do their time outside in military surplus tents, 365 days a year. And the sheriff’s taken away all privileges.

“Conversations with a Serial Killer”: This series of profiles offers a fascinating and truly terrifying investigative journey into the lives, crimes and deaths of some of history’s most villainous characters.

“Psychopath: Redefining Rational”: Little is known about the minds of psychopaths and what is behind the horrific things they do. Professor Robert Hare suggests looking at the brain for clues to their behavior.

“The Columbine Massacre: In the Killer’s Mind”: Two students arrived armed to the teeth. What strange motivations led them to commit this senseless act of violence? Could anything be done to stop similar incidents?

“Jack the Ripper: Tabloid Killer”: A closer look at history reveals how this serial killer could have been fabricated for readers who couldn’t get enough tabloid thrills.

“Deadly Dates”: 91 million of us worldwide search for love online, but internet dating can be a dangerous game. So, how well do you really know the person you’re dating?

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