Love Island’s Mitchel left reeling as rival shares unexpected kiss with Molly

Love Island’s Mitchel left reeling as rival shares unexpected kiss with Molly

Love island ‘all kicking off’ as Zac kisses Molly

It looks as though there’s drama ahead on Thursday night as Love Island viewers were shown a glimpse at what’s to come in the next episode.

Gathered around the firepit, the islanders play a game of dares which takes a raunchy turn.

From picking three people they have the most sexual chemistry to someone they wish to have a “sneaky link” with.

However, when the new arrival Zachariah chose to kiss Molly as she sat next to her partner Mitchel, he didn’t take it well.

Watching Molly gets chosen twice, Mitchel confessed: “It’s a tough night for me.”

Speaking about being chosen later on with the girls, Molly said: “No, I didn’t expect that at all

“Zach’s a good kisser you know.”

It then cut to a clip of Mitchel seething as he commented: “Oh it’s all kicking off here.!

As the two are currently the bookie’s favourite female and male to win the show, viewers fear this kiss could cause a rift in the blossoming relationship.

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It wasn’t long before viewers flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts on the preview for Thursday night.

@PinkPantheresee said: “Personally I don’t see Molly and Mitchel lasting anyways – they have no chemistry [and] Mitchel thinks he can get an easy win that’s all #LoveIsland.”

@_Taelicious added: “I don’t think I’ll able to sleep tonight… Zach lipsing Molly after saying he naturally chose Catherine… Yeah I don’t trust men at all #loveisland.”

@Amber said: “Praying for Catherine and Mitchel right now… if Zach and Molly end up doing something after that sneak peak, I will scream.

Paula penned: “I’m not convinced Mitchell and Molly aren’t the producers’ favourites already so they’re trying to give them “drama” early on #LoveIsland

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A confused Vee said: “I’ve just seen Zach kissing Molly – I’m so lost. What’s going on #LoveIsland?”

Aliya added: “I feel like on Molly’s end, she doesn’t want to be the girl who closes herself off in the first week and just be with Mitchel all the way then Zachariah, sort of similar?”I think he likes Catherine but he’s also like let me keep exploring as is his right.

Aled Turner fumed: “Who f*****g asked Zachariah to kiss Molly #LoveIsland?”

Love Island continues tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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