Love Island's Amy Hart rushes home from holiday early after pregnancy scare | The Sun

Love Island's Amy Hart rushes home from holiday early after pregnancy scare | The Sun

LOVE Island star Amy Hart has revealed that she cut her holiday in Spain short after a pregnancy scare.

The blonde beauty recently revealed she's expecting her first baby with boyfriend Sam Rason.

Taking to social media Amy, 30, explained what had happened to fans, and revealed: “I started bleeding and I thought I was A+ blood type and my midwife kept saying it’s a good job I am that blood type.

“She said if I was a negative blood type then I would need an Anti-D but go and get checked out on Monday.

“So I was being Amy positive and Sam was amazing and every time I went for a wee he’d ask for the update and did a lot of research, he’s the best.

“I was being very positive and thought it was nothing bad but just because I had been for a cervical exam and thought that’s all it is.

“I said to myself, we’ll be back here next September with our baby. The next morning, Sam said ‘it’s OK to be anxious about these things you know.’”

Amy continued: “I told him ‘no I’m not anxious don’t accuse me of being anxious, I’m positive.’”

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Amy said she’d been waiting on the results of a blood test to find out if she did have A+ blood, and while she was on holiday she had experienced bleeding.

The star was then surprised by the result she received after her mum opened a hospital letter for her while she was on holiday, which meant she had to rush home.

Amy explained that she then found out she had rhesus negative blood and “started to panic.”

She shared: “You need an injection within 72 hours ideally so I moved my flight earlier and they managed to fit me in.

“I’m going to Ibiza tomorrow at four in the morning so I was fit in and had a consultation with the nurse and she said she was going to try and find the heartbeat but wasn’t sure she could as I’m only 15 weeks.

“She couldn’t find it after trying but managed to sweet talk someone into giving me a quick scan to check and the baby was all fine.

“I then had to have a blood test, wait and hour and a half and then have my Anti-D injection so hopefully that’s all fine.”

Amy said she tried to think only positive thoughts throughout the ordeal and said she and the baby are both fine.

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Amy revealed that she had fallen pregnant naturally after worrying about struggling to conceive and freezing her eggs.

The Love Island star told the Loose Women panel she was around "14 weeks" pregnant as she appeared in a figure-hugging blue dress at the time of her exciting announcement.

Wearing her long blonde hair down, the star looked glamorous with a full palette of make-up as she revealed the news.

"I'm pregnant," she told Kaye Adams, as her fellow hosts gushed round Amy. "I'm between 13 and 14 weeks."

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