Love Island winners were revealed minutes before Maya Jama announced, say fans

Love Island winners were revealed minutes before Maya Jama announced, say fans

Eagle-eyed Love Island viewers are convinced that the show revealed the winners, Jess Harding and Sammy Root, minutes before host Maya Jama did.

According to show fans, each year during the final, the winning couple stands to the host's left – which has apparently been true every time except the year that Paige Turley and Finley Tapp won.

On Monday night's final, Sammy and Jess beat Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki to be crowned the winners of the summer 2023 series.

In third place was Tyriqye Hyde and Ella Thomas, whilst in fourth came Molly Marsh and Zachariah Noble.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "It’s always the couple to the left… re watch every season… apart from Paige and fin I think? Every winner couple has stood to the left… #loveisland".

Another tweeted: "Apparently the couple who is stood on the left is the winner…. Let’s see it it’s the case for the 7th year in a row!!! #LoveIsland".

A third said: "Apparently in 6 of the 7 Love Island finals the winners have always stood on the presenter's left, and people think this is significant. I feel a binomial hypothesis test coming on."

Monday night's live final drew in tons of viewers, but unfortunately, it didn't go without a technical hitch or two, which left viewers 'screaming'.

After having a chat with Sammy and Jess, Maya tried to cut to their best bits, however, they'd already been shown before the chat, in place of Whitney and Lochan's.

There was a very awkward moment as Maya scrambled to recover, and attempted to gloss over it – but nothing gets past the show's viewers.

One fan tweeted: "Why does something always go wrong with love island? (laughing emoji) Last year revealed who had been dumped before the public even knew, and now all this!"

While another laughed as they said: "LOOOOL The tech issues are killing me." This viewer tweeted a number of laughing emojis saying: "The technical difficulties hey used the tech money on the producers."

"Loooooool I’m screaming live show problems #LoveIsland," said yet another amused viewer.

After the difficulties, ITVX tweeted in response saying: "Guys live television is really difficult, please be nice."

Meanwhile, some Love Island viewers have called for a recount of the public vote, after Sammy and Jess were the surprise winners.

It was thought by many that Whitney and Lochan would cinch the title, after Whitney has proved a huge fan favourite right throughout the series.

“This is rigged there ain’t no way JESS AND SAMMY beat out Whit and Lochan,” one Twitter user raged, while another seemed to be in disbelief: “Whitney being the UK favourite for six weeks but somehow Sammy and Jess won?”

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