Love Island spoilers: Faye and Liam share their first kiss but it’s ruined by ‘slime’ during challenge

Love Island spoilers: Faye and Liam share their first kiss but it’s ruined by ‘slime’ during challenge

LOVE Island's Faye and Liam have shared their first kiss after being covered in "slime" during the latest challenge.

Tonight's episode will see the boys showcase their inner hero as they rescue their damsel from a dastardly villain throwing the blue goop.

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Faye, 26, and Welsh hunk Liam, 21, have been growing close since the estate agent left her previous partner Brad McClelland out in the cold.

And tonight the pair are set to enjoy their first kiss after Liam manages to rescue his damsel in the 'Undercover Lover' challenge.

Despite being covered in the goo, it doesn't stop them from enjoying a romantic moment together as Liam leaned in.

"It wasn't really a first kiss, it was a lot of slime," Faye said in the Beach Hut beside Liam. "There was a lot going on. Gunk and slime got everywhere."

They weren't the only ones to share a lip-locking moment, as new girl Rachel and Brad McClelland also had a steamy kiss.

“It was an alright kiss considering the situation we’re in," Brad said afterwards, as Rachel agreed it was "double-O heaven".

“It was definitely 00 heaven for me because I had double the pleasure and double the happiness," the 29-year-old bombshell told the cameras.

It comes after Faye put all her eggs in one basket after going out on a date with bombshell Liam Reardon on Friday's episode.

After her date with Liam, Faye gushed to the girls: "He is so fit. It was a good date. The chat was there. He’s so tall, he is so handsome."

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Smitten Faye added: "Basically, I’m getting married next week guys."

Her interest in Liam left previous partner Brad on his own and facing being dumped if he fails to couple up with new girl Rachel.

Rachel holds the fate of of them both Brad and Chuggs in her hands, with whoever she doesn't choose to couple up with in 24 hours time being brutally dumped.

Tonight's show will see luxury travel specialist Rachel try her best to get to know the single boys before choosing to recouple with one of them.

As well as wowing fans at home with her jaw-dropping appearance, Rachel's undoubted good looks hasn't gone unnoticed by the boys.

But the star has been keeping her cards close to her chest over who she is going to pick in the next recoupling.

Rachel can choose only one… so what will be their fate?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and is available on the ITV Hub

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