Love Island first look sees furious Ella confront Tyrique as he makes Kady move

Love Island first look sees furious Ella confront Tyrique as he makes Kady move

Love Island looks set for explosive scenes on Friday night as a furious Ella Thomas confronts Tyrique Hyde as he makes a move on Kady McDermott.

In a first look teaser released at the end of Thursday, it sees Tyrique, 24, cuddle up to Kady, 27, as he plays with her hair.

To which he says: "You've got nice hair" with Kady replying: "Why don't you give me a little something?"

However, the exchange is seen by a furious Ella, 23, who retorts: "Is this a thing now?"

With Tyrique replying: "Don't come round like…" to which Ella replies: "What? I'm just asking, is it a thing now?"

Tyrique then points out: "I'm single because of you! What do you mean: 'I didn't want it to happen'. It happened so now this is happening!"

It comes as fans are convinced they've managed to rumble Tyrique's secret "game plan" in the villa as the dramatics continued to unfold after Casa Amor on Wednesday.

Viewers believe Tyrique always wanted to get to know Kady, and was secretly holding out for a chance.

One viewer guessed: "Nah Tyrique is using this Ella situation as an excuse to get to know Kady cause he never had the chance when she came in.

"He'll never change idc I can't defend him anymore as much as I wanted him and Ella back #LoveIsland," a different account put.

Another viewer tweeted: "Tyrique doesn’t even like Kady it’s only to p**s Ella off."

"Tyrique flirting with Kady??. This is why I can never feel bad for Tyrique" said another frustrated fan.

While someone else added: "I knew Tyrique was pained Kady picked Zach. If Kady accepts to couple with him, forget the drama he's putting on and say bye to Ella."

When bombshell Kady entered the villa she only had one chat with Tyrique before she had to pick who she coupled up with.

She decided to choose Zachariah Noble and shortly after Tyrique and Ella decided they were closed off with each other.

That was before Casa Amor, when Ella arrived at Casa Amor, she had no intention of getting to know any of the new boys. However, when Ouzy See came in that all changed as she knew him before entering the villa.

When she brought Ouzy back, Ty told her that things were over between them much to her disapproval. Since then Ella has been trying to get things back on track, but Tyrique has been wanting to get to know Kady.

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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