Love Island Catherine admits co-star stashed phone with access to outside world

Love Island Catherine admits co-star stashed phone with access to outside world

Love Island's Catherine Agbaje revealed one of her co-stars stole a phone and accessed the outside world.

The series ten stunner opened up on the SHiiKANE Pod and told the hosts about the cheeky revelation.

One of the hosts asked if Islanders ever accessed the online or outside world and Catherine admitted that it did happen once.

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Catherine explained: "What happened is basically Mal and Medhi left, when people leave the phones get swiped and they must have left their phones behind. Whitney gave Medhi's straight to the producers in the morning whereas Mal's was in the dressing room."

The TV star then explained how she heard the girls whispering about the phone the next day and claimed it was a girl Islander who stole Mal's phone.

Catherine added: "A girl took Mal's phone she kept saying she had a tummy ache and going to the off-camera toilet and throughout the day was using the phone.

"But we didn't know what she saw, we just knew she used the phone.

"Me and Whitney were discussing it and then producers asked us about it and we told them."

Fans on a Reddit thread then discussed who they think the mystery Islander could potentially be.

One wrote: "Molly and Mal were gone. Catherine is implying it wasn't her or Whitney. That leaves Leah, Jess, Kady, and Ella."

A second added: "I think it’s Jess or Kady. Leaning towards Kady bc Jess might have changed if she saw what people were saying about her & Sammy/Mal. Ella and Leah don’t seems as likely to me though, but I have no explanation as to why lol."

While a third penned: "I honestly wouldn’t rule Kady out, she had only been in there a few days but I’m sure she’d be keen to see how her comeback had gone down and how her accidentally getting Molly dumped had been received.

"Catherine also said there were no consequences for who did it and I can see the producers being more lenient on Kady than anyone else.

"If it was Jess, I can’t see how she would have seen how unpopular Sammy was and stuck with him because if she saw all what was said about him and them as a couple and stayed, it was pointless her looking as it changed nothing for her.

"Ella didn’t change her behaviour either and I’m not sure if Leah has the guts to do anything that risky.

"Catherine basically discounted herself and Whitney as options."

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