Love Island bombshell had to take 3 months off work and spend 4 weeks in isolation

Love Island bombshell had to take 3 months off work and spend 4 weeks in isolation

Love Island has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with its drama, romance, and unexpected twists. While viewers are treated to the edited and dramatic version of events, former Islander Gabby Jeffery has peeled back the curtain, revealing the behind-the-scenes details of being a bombshell on the show.

Gabby, who joined the Casa Amor villa during the latest summer series, initially expected to be an original Islander. The 24 year old creative assistant shared insights into the extensive preparation required to enter the villa, revealing that overall she had to take three months off from her job despite only appearing on the show for four days.

Before entering the main villa, she had to spend four weeks in quarantine with only a chaperone for company. Speaking to The Mirror, she shared: "My holding period was way longer than my time in the villa. So I feel like that in itself just seems like that was a main part of my experience, but it was amazing."

During her time in isolation, Gabby revealed that she was allowed a brief respite to visit Palma and return to her holding villa. However, the primary companionship during this period was her chaperone and Netflix. Despite the extended waiting period, Gabby formed a close bond with her chaperone, describing how they “got along so well”.

Gabby's initial expectation of being an early bombshell or original Islander highlighted the ever-changing plans of the show. Offering insights into the selection of bombshell arrivals, Gabby revealed the role of the producers in shaping the storyline.

The unpredictable nature of the show means that bombshell arrivals are chosen based on how the drama unfolds. As events progress, producers adapt and craft the narrative accordingly.

When asked whether she would have preferred to be in the main villa from the start, Gabby shared that while everyone would ideally want to be an original Islander, her experience in Casa Amor offered unique insights.

Gabby added: "Casa is probably different to the main villa experience because they still have one team of two villas, so I think I was probably shocked by the fact that you don't just sit and chat to everyone all day.

“There's obviously bits where you'll stop talking and girls and boys will be separate. Which obviously I've heard before, but I think living it is a bit different."

Another Love Island bombshell has also spilled about the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the show. Love Island OG Kady McDermott has revealed she was due to head back to the iconic villa last year, but she was replaced.

Sitting down with Made in Chelsea alum Sam Thompson and TOWIE’s Pete Wicks on their Staying Relevant podcast, the brunette beauty, 27, said: “I originally got asked last year to go back in, instead of Adam Collard but two days before, they called me up, they said, ‘we basically need a bombshell, with how it’s going, we need a boy one, not a girl’.”

She added: “So I wasn't massively shocked when they asked me again this year.”

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