Loose Women’s Charlene White jumps out of seat as she issues warning to co-star

Loose Women’s Charlene White jumps out of seat as she issues warning to co-star

Loose Women: Brenda causes chaos discussing 'bedroom music'

Main host Charlene White revealed how the average Brit has five lovers within their lifetime, whereas heavy metal fans have 17 on average.

As Brenda Edwards told the Loose Woman panel that she listens to a range of genres, she confessed to being a heavy metal fan herself.

Coleen Nolan strongly disagreed as she admitted she wouldn’t be happy if a man put on that music while getting a bit frisky.

Brenda exclaimed: “You speed up innit? You speed up.”

Lost for words, the panel shook their heads as Brenda shimmied her body to match the tempo of the music.

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Brenda was in hysterics as Charlene jumped out of her seat and bent down in laughter.

The live audience was in fits of laughter as Brenda moved her head vigorously in time with the rock song being played.

Charlene commented: “Now since this is a daytime show, I’m going to move swiftly on.

“We’re going to leave Brenda to have a bit of quiet time.

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“I think we’ll go to the competition while she calms every part of her being.”

Although the presenter tried to move swiftly on, Brenda could still be heard laughing as she cooled herself down with her fan.

Earlier on in the conversation, Brenda delved more into her liking for heavy metal as she told the panel she’s s Black Sabbath fan.

She commented: “When I went on X Factor, Sharon was my mentor.

“I got to meet Ozzy, I was literally in my element and got to see him in a show at Wembley, it was amazing.”

However, it wasn’t just Brenda who had the panel laughing with their bedroom music taste as Kelle Bryan struggled to compose herself.

As Bjork’s song Play Dead was played, she quipped: “The title has got nothing to do with my sex life, OK, just saying.”

Charlene replied: “Alright, I didn’t ask for a caveat but thanks for giving it to us anyway Kelle.”

Loose Women continues weekdays on ITV from 12.30pm.

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