Lizzo Has Best Clapback to Kimmel's Latest Mean Tweets with Billie Eilish, Chance the Rapper and More

Lizzo Has Best Clapback to Kimmel's Latest Mean Tweets with Billie Eilish, Chance the Rapper and More

Jimmy Kimmel subjects more musicians to their meanest online critics including Green Day, Luke Bryan, Alice Cooper, Leon Bridge and Monsta X … while Cardi B doesn’t even understand hers!

Everyone knows that the meanest critics are the faceless masses on social media, so why do people keep agreeing to read their Mean Tweets on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"? Also, never stop doing it!

As always, Kimmel assembles some of the most hilarious, mean and downright bizarre tweets about various celebrities and then has them read them live on camera for all of our enjoyment. Some of them are really mean, but more of them are too ridiculous to be taken seriously. But they’re always entertaining.

For his latest edition, he turned his attention back to musicians, meaning we got to see what Alice Cooper thinks about fan amazement that he’s still alive, how Luke Combs appreciates having his fans described as "people who taste the gas before they fill up their truck" and the members of Midland being accused of trying to lure kids into a white van marked "Free Candy."

Yeah, it goes there. And that’s not even the worst insult of the night. Chance the Rapper really got raked over the coals with his tweet that reads, "Chance the Rapper? More like Chance the worthless spineless, dickless, soulless purposeless virtuless sellout. Nice Doritos commercial, you piece of shit."

The poor guy, all he could do was look at the camera in shock and marvel, "There’s people that don’t like me?"

Billie Eilish was predictably targeted for her wardrobe selection while Lizzo got some of the laziest insults of all, focusing on her weight. That said, she had the best comeback of the night.

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day took a different approach, throwing his bandmate Mike Dirnt under the bus after their "fan" said Tre Cool looked like "emo Ted Cruz."

"Well Mike looks like Putin," Billie Joe laughed. Though if we’re being honest, he’s not wrong.

The absolute best reaction of the night, though, came from Cardi B who didn’t think her tweet made any sense at all. "Ow I look lao?" she asked repeatedly, staring directly into the camera after reading it.

Only the written word can’t really do it justice. Check out the video to see what got her so worked up, and see more burns against the likes of Luke Bryan, Leon Bridges, Perry Farrell and John Mayer.

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