Little People fans think pregnant Isabel Roloff is dropping clues about unborn son's name on social media

Little People fans think pregnant Isabel Roloff is dropping clues about unborn son's name on social media

LITTLE People, Big World fans think pregnant Isabel Roloff is dropping clues about what she may name her unborn son.

The reality star will be welcoming her first child with her husband, Jacob Roloff.

Isabel has already decided what name she will be giving her little one, as she explained to a fan on Instagram who asked: "Do you think you chose a good name?"

She said: "We chose the name meant for our son. That's the only way I know how to explain it. The name came almost 10 years ago and just stuck. It was simply meant to be.

Isabel concluded: "When people were guessing the sex of our baby before we knew, and I'd tell them the name I've always had they'd say, 'oh yep. That is who is in your belly."

However, the majority of fans already believe they know the name Isabel has chosen thanks to her "clues" – and it may have been inspired by her late brother, Tomas Garreton.

One person on Reddit shared: "Garrett definitely seems like it fits… looks like her brother passed in 2012 so the 10 year mark hint makes sense…"

Another added: "… Garret as a name (for her brothers last name Garreton)," while one chimed in, "Thinking Tomàs as well."

Isabel hinted at the possible homage to her late brother in a recent Instagram post, where she paid tribute to him.

Alongside various throwback photos of her alongside Tomas, Isabel suggestive that her son will "know" about the late musician.

She wrote: "He’ll know all about you. How you rode trains and sang and played music for a living. How you made people laugh and were always giving…

"How you used to make me laugh every time that I cried. How you wrote some damn good songs before you died."

The TV star added: "My son will know all about you, uncle Tomás.But I have a feeling he’s already met you up in the stars."

One fan commented: "Maybe your son even IS him….coming back to you," which Isabel responded, "at least part of him I believe."

Tomas passed away on September 3, 2012 at the age of 25 when he fell off a freight train, The Sun previously exclusively revealed.


He was lead singer of the popular band Profane Sass, and he also played the guitar, mandolin, and drums.

Tomas wrote lyrics about the injustices in society.

"The light of our lives was ripped from us, and we all lost ourselves one by one," Isabel previously said.

The LPBW star added: But I pretended not to. I held it together. I didn’t see a choice. I made big decisions for the family, I answered the door every time, I went to school. I pretended.”

After Tomas' shocking death, Isabel's mom Toni would pass in 2014 following a fight with breast cancer.

Isabel and Jacob announced their pregnancy news last month with several snaps from a sweet photo shoot.

In the shoot, Jacob cradled his wife’s growing baby belly.

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