Lisa Vanderpump Reveals She Doesn't Have a Credit Card: 'I Would Never Pay the Bills'

Lisa Vanderpump Reveals She Doesn't Have a Credit Card: 'I Would Never Pay the Bills'

Lisa Vanderpump may live larger than most, but she does so well with her means.

On Friday, the reality star opened up to InStyle about her preference of payment method. Despite being one of Bravo’s biggest and richest stars, Vanderpump revealed that she is surprisingly against using a credit card.

“You’re not gonna believe it, I don’t even have a credit card,” Vanderpump told the magazine, after being asked what was missing from her wallet. “I have a debit card, and it comes out of my account.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 58, then went on to justify why she avoids paying via credit card.

“Because if I had a credit card, I would never pay the bills,” she admitted. “I just wouldn’t remember. [My daughter] Pandora says, ‘With the amount of money you spend, you should have a credit card so you can get points.’ But I like to know where I stand.”

Vanderpump is known for her lavish lifestyle so the fact that she doesn’t rely on a credit card when it comes to her purchases may come as a surprise to fans. Part of the reason that she’s so careful with her expenses, it seems, is because she grew up in a “frugal” household.

“My parents never lavished gifts and money on us,” Vanderpump revealed to InStyle. “They were a bit stingy. I would get nice Christmas and birthday presents, but they were frugal. So I worked every school holiday.”

As Vanderpump got older and established herself as a businesswoman, the value of a dollar and financial independence became more important to her. Nowadays, Vanderpump takes pride in managing her own expenses and bills.

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“I have total autonomy over my own money,” the mother of two explained to the magazine. “That would drive me crazy. If [my husband] Ken saw, he’d be saying, ‘What’s this? What’s that.’ But actually, I’m more conservative than he is.”

Despite being extra careful with her money, Vanderpump has let herself go overboard at times and made some regrettable purchases.

“I bought a ridiculous ball gown from Valentino, and it was a fortune,” she admitted to InStyle. “You could buy a nice car for this dress… I thought I’d be wearing it and wearing it and wearing it — and I’ve worn it twice. So I think I’ve paid basically $10,000 every time I’ve worn it.”

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Vanderpump has recently been the topic of speculation, after reports circulated earlier this month that claimed that she’ll be exiting the hit Bravo series due to clashes with other cast members.

The restaurateur previously spoke to PEOPLE and other reporters on the red carpet of her third annual Vanderpump Dog Foundation Gala, held at the Taglyan Cultural Complex in Los Angeles — about her role on the RHOBH.

Though she admitted that she’s missed some of the filming of the show’s upcoming ninth season, she made it clear that she was still very much a cast member.

“There’s a plethora of stories that say I’m quitting. If I had quit, I would have said it,” Vanderpump said. “It wouldn’t be leaked on an outlet. Can we just trust that I would come up … I’ve never had a problem with kind of coming forward, speaking my mind.”

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“I am in this season,” she added. “Obviously there are some parts I missed and you’ll see why. I think maybe we’ll have a better understanding when you watch the show.”

On Nov. 27, she addressed her future on RHOBH during an appearance on The Talk, explaining, “That’s like saying, ‘Am I invited to your Christmas party next year?’ I have no idea if the show’s picked up.”

“I don’t know yet,” she added. “We’re going to see how this season plays out.”

Season 9 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo in 2019.

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