Line of Duty fans seriously distracted by Steve Arnott's face – but can you spot why?

Line of Duty fans seriously distracted by Steve Arnott's face – but can you spot why?

LINE of Duty fans were left distracted by Steve Arnott's face last night.

The BBC crime drama returned with its second episode last night, after 10 million tuned in for the season premiere last week.

Arnott (Martin Compston) was in the thick of it once again in episode two of series six but fans were left unable to focus after they believed he had on too much makeup.

One viewer pointed out: "Anyone else think the makeup team went overboard on Steve?! #LineOfDuty."

While another pondered: "Tweets, watching #LineOfDuty & there's something not quite right with Steve Arnott's face, I noticed last week & same this week.

They continued: "It doesn't really move under the new beard – is he wearing some kind of prosthetic, makeup or CGI being used???"

Before a third fan penned: "WHO IS is doing the makeup on this programme #LineOfDuty."

It was a mixed bag for Arnott last night as he was awarded for his endeavours over the years with a promotion to from Detective Sergeant to Detective Inspector.

Superintendent Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) delivered the news and said: "I've been giving the situation some thought, and loyalty works both ways.

"I'm going to have to confirm it with HR, but ahead of the formal promotion process, I'm making you a temp DI. Congratulations son, you've earned it," before the pair shook hands.

However, Steve received the news just before reading a follow-up regarding a transfer from AC-12…awkward.

On the other hand, the cop's reliance on painkillers went to alarming level last night.

After a conversation with Hastings, Steve went to his car and took a couple of pills, before popping several more after a severe back spasm took hold during his visit to John Corbett's wife Steph.

He also felt betrayed by former colleague Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure), who alerted DCI Jo Davidson (Kelly MacDonald) that AC-12 were going to be investigating her and the MIT, giving her time to block the investigation.

Hastings came to the rescue however and before long AC-12 were able to resume their investigation and issue Davidson with a Regulation 15 notice.

Line of Duty continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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