Lindsay Lohan addresses Brent/Kyle fight in Beach Club clip

Lindsay Lohan addresses Brent/Kyle fight in Beach Club clip

After 11 episodes of peppering the shores of Mykonos with bits of drama stemming from foot massages to life-or-death lobster encounters, Lindsay Lohan has finally had it up to the highest hem on her beach-ready caftan.

EW’s exclusive preview of the Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club season 1 finale (below) sees the Mean Girls star unleashing an entire season’s worth of frustrations on Brent, a beefy employee whose work ethic (and penchant for stirring s— up) are unrivaled among the Lohan Beach House staff.

“You wanna cry? Go cry in the f—ing shower for two hours. It’s good to cry! Get it out!” Lohan says in the footage, scolding Brent after his instigating behavior led to a physical altercation with fellow employee Kyle (whom Brent called a “bitch”).

“Here’s the problem: You f—ed up. At the end of the day, no matter what you guys do here, it’s my name, so cut the s— out,” she continues, before telling Brent to clean himself up, “get ready, dress nice,” and “wear a f—ing shirt, for God’s sake!”

After leaving Brent’s quarters, Lohan descends upon Kyle for further investigation into the conflict.

Hey guys! What the f—k happened?” she says as she enters Kyle’s room while the target of her probe stares at the ceiling while delivering a muted response.

“Look at me in the eyes when you talk to me!” Lohan demands before Kyle labels Brent a “coward” for his actions, to which Lohan responds:  “Don’t say the word ‘coward’ so freely, because a coward is the one who hits a person first Why do you take the bait? You know what you do: You walk away! You just f—ing leave it. Trust me, I know from my past…. we’re not having this s—!”

Find out where Brent and Kyle fit in with the Lohan brand’s future when Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club returns for its season finale Monday at 10:00 p.m. ET on MTV. For now, watch EW’s exclusive preview above.

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