Lily James set to play Pamela Anderson in sex-tape drama with Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee

Lily James set to play Pamela Anderson in sex-tape drama with Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee

LILY James is set to play Pamela Anderson in sex tape drama with Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee.

The pair will star as the iconic couple in an exclusive series brought to life by Hulu.

In a far cry from her usual period dramas and her recent turn in the Netflix movie Rebecca, 31-year-old Lily will go blonde to depict the famous actress and model.

While Sebastian, 38, known for roles in Captain America and I, Tonya, will do his best rockstar impression as the Mötley Crüe drummer.

Deadline also reports the news that Seth Rogen, 38, is set to take on the role of the man who stole the couple's honeymoon sex tape.

The eight-episode series has been given the working title of Pam & Tommy.

It will depict the sex tape scandal that rocked Hollywood, as well as the pair's whirlwind relationship, which saw them marry in 1995 after knowing each other for only 96 hours.

For years fans could not get enough of their rockstar romance, before they spilt in 1998, although not before having two children together – Brandon and Dylan.

The sex tape's leak online saw the couple enter a legal dispute with video distribution company Internet Entertainment Group, before reaching a settlement agreement.

I, Tonya director Craig Gillespie is set to direct with Rob Siegel writing the script.

Both Pamela and Tommy are not involved in the project, which is set to start filming in the spring.

Lily recently was involved her own scandal when pictures were published of the actress kissing married Dominic West.

Lily and 51-year-old Dominic, who play a father and daughter in upcoming BBC drama The Pursuit Of Love, caused shockwaves when they were seen kissing and cuddling while on holiday in Rome in October.

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