Liberty and Jake's final Love Island date faces being CANCELLED for the first time in show history

Liberty and Jake's final Love Island date faces being CANCELLED for the first time in show history

JAKE and Liberty's final Love Island date could be CANCELLED for the first time in the show's history.

Their relationship hits the rocks tonight as a dramatic teaser shows Liberty ripping off her microphone and breaking down in tears.

In past series, Islanders have been sent out on yachts, romantic dinners and picnics.

But insiders have told The Sun Jake and Liberty's last outing before the final is under threat as their romance crumbles.

A source said: "On tonight's show, all the islanders go on their epic dates – but because Liberty was so upset with Jake, it could be cancelled for the first time in show history.

"All the other couples go on theirs tonight, but Lib and Jake don't go.

"Normally by this stage all of the couples are loved up but this has thrown a real spanner in the works – how can you send a couple on a romantic date when they're on the verge of a split?"

Tonight viewers will see Liberty break down in tears over her rocky relationship with boyfriend Jake.

In the short clip ahead of tonight's episode, Liberty is storming out of the garden while removing her mic.

She can later be heard sobbing: "I just don't think we're right for each other" as she is comforted by her pals.

While Jake is seen looking downcast as he sighs loudly, it all gets too much for Liberty as she covers her face in despair and bawls – but it's not yet known what the trigger was.

Fans are convinced the show's savage lie detector challenge is back – and that's why Liberty is crying.

One said: "Why do I feel like the lie detector episode is tomorrow and Liberty finds out Jake isn't in it for the reasons he claims he is and that's the reason why she breaks down."

Someone else said: "Imagine we get the lie detector tomorrow and that’s why Liberty is so upset."

Another added: "I have a feeling that it’s the lie detector tests that made liberty cry like that."

A viewer added: "Wait it might be the lie detector challenge or the twitter one that’s gonna have liberty crying like that i’m actually scared??"

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