Leroy Gibbs ex-wives: How many ex-wives has the NCIS star had?

Leroy Gibbs ex-wives: How many ex-wives has the NCIS star had?

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NCIS wouldn’t have been the same without Agent Leroy Gibbs (played my Mark Harmon) who dedicated his life to the job. He also couldn’t help but fall in love time and time again during his 19 years on the CBS police procedural. Express.co.uk has everything there is to know about Gibbs’ love life. 

Warning: This article contains spoilers from NCIS. 

How many wives has Leroy Gibbs had on NCIS? 

The father figure of NCIS, Agent Gibbs has been married a whopping four times. 

Given the intensity of the job and his passion for helping others, it’s no wonder really that he’s had issues with finding ‘the one’ who accepted his work. 

However, not all of his marriages ended in divorce as his first wife was Gibbs’ true love of his life. 

Sadly, their story ended in tragedy which Gibbs has never really recovered from. 

Gibbs met Shannon Fielding (Darby Stanchfield) for the first time just before he was being deployed with the US Marines, although he had admired her from a distance for a while before. 

Despite the distance, they pursued their romance with Gibbs and Shannon marrying in 1982 and welcoming their daughter Kelly (Mary Mouser) two years later. 

Years after, Shannon witnessed a murder by Mexican drug dealer Pedro Hernandez (Thomas Rosales, Jr) and was being taken into police custody with Kelly for their protection. 

This didn’t stop Hernandez though as he found their location and shot the agent who was driving them in the head, causing the vehicle to crash and killing both Shannon and Kelly as well. 

Gibbs’ second wife was Diane Sterling (Melinda McGraw) who was a criminal investigator with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

While they had a passionate relationship, it got too much as they couldn’t stop clashing, resulting in divorce. 

She went on to marry FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell (Joe Spara) who she had daughter Emily Fornell (Juliette Angelo) with.

Their marriage also ended in divorce and she was murder Ed in season 12 by one of Gibbs’ enemies Sergei Mishnev (Alex Veadov).

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Wife number three from Rebecca Chase (Jeri Ryan) but their relationship didn’t last very long. 

She was an alcoholic and part of her recovery programme was to try and make amends with Gibbs. 

As she tried to be honest with him about her problem, Rebecca revealed she was going to marry her divorce attorney. 

His fourth and final wife was Stephanie Flynn (Kathleen York) who he met in Moscow when he flew out there for work. 

Yet again, this didn’t end well with the couple splitting up just 14 months after saying their I do’s. 

There was also a potential blossoming romance with him and forensic psychologist Jack Sloane (Maria Bello). 

They had been flirting for the past few seasons but nothing came of it until she announced at the end of a mission in Afghanistan that she was going to stay to help vulnerable women. 

She and Gibbs said their goodbyes but not before sharing a kiss, showing how they felt about one another all along.

NCIS season 20 will premiere on Monday, September 19, on CBS in America. A UK release date hasn’t yet been announced. 

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