Lee and Dean is back on Channel 4 TONIGHT – here's what happened last week and why you shouldn't miss it this evening

Lee and Dean is back on Channel 4 TONIGHT – here's what happened last week and why you shouldn't miss it this evening

During last week's episode of Channel 4's Lee and Dean, Lee found himself homeless and was ultimately forced to move back with his best friend Dean.

But things have gradually changed now that Dani is also staying at the flat, which viewers seem to think will bring along quite the tension between the two as the series progresses. So what must you know about TONIGHT's episode? Find out below…

When is Lee and Dean on Channel 4?

The second series of Lee and Dean started on April 11, 2019.

Episode three will air tonight at 10 pm on Channel 4.

The show is helmed by comedy writer-performers Mark O'Sullivan and Miles Chapman.

The duo's first self-devised comedy Flavours was commissioned for Comedy Blaps in 2014 after Channel 4 had seen their short film on YouTube.

You can watch series one now on All 4.

What is Lee and Dean about?

Lee and Dean is an original improvised, unconventional comedy about two builders from Stevenage.

The pair have been inseparable since childhood until Lee meets, and is smitten by, Nikki.

Dean is left feeling left out when Nikki moves into their flat and takes over organising Lee's birthday party.

The series tells the story of "cheap builds, cheap lager, bank rubbing, breakups, and bad poetry".

Who's in the cast with Miles Chapman?

Lee and Dean is written by new comedy talents Mark O'Sullivan and Miles Chapman, who in addition to directing and producing, also star as the eponymous builders.

Unusually, half the cast are non-actor friends who the writers believed would best suit the improvised nature of the show.

However, there are also established names in the form of Happy Valley's Ramon Tikaram and EastEnders actor Ricky Grover.

Rachel Springett, Commissioning Editor for Channel 4, says: “We're thrilled to now be making a full series of Lee & Dean with them; set in the world of Stevenage builders. It will be a joy to watch the ensemble cast bring these brilliantly well-observed characters come to life.”

What's happening in episode three?

The third episode of the second series will air tonight on Channel 4 at 10 pm.

Both Lee and Dean are nominated for an award at a prestigious trade show.

It's at the end that the two best friends are made offers they certainly won't be able to refuse, but things don't quite as planned for Dean.

And, of course, Lee tries to deal with the fact that he's living under his friend's roof again after finding himself homeless, but things are different now that Dani is there.

What have the reviews been for the show?

Lee and Dean has received relatively great reviews for its witty storytelling while also being daring to touch on subjects that are often seen as taboo to talk about.

"And it gets away with it by doing it so well, with fabulously recognisable characters and performances, not just from Chapman and O’Sullivan but also especially from Camille Ucan and Anna Morris as Nikki and Mrs B-D’S," The Guardian writes.

"Beyond the boysy banter, the filth and the squirming, there’s genuine human tragedy. You’re as likely to cry as you are to laugh."

Aside from being comedy gold, the show also challenges what it actually means to share a close friendship with someone.

As Nikki comes into the picture, there's a great amount of distance between the two – almost as if Nikki has somewhat replaced Dean's position in Lee's life.

The Telegraph explains: "Chapman and O'Sullivan have created a tragic misfit, whose suppressed feelings for Lee provide a pinch of melancholy. "You know what's coming up, don't ya?" he asked Lee at one point. "What, me and Nikki going to Thorpe Park?" "No, your birthday."

"That simple exchange exposed so much the complexities of male friendship."

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