Late Corrie legend's son Carl Piddington dies aged 52

Late Corrie legend's son Carl Piddington dies aged 52

The son of late Coronation Street legend Bill Tarmey, who played iconic Jack Duckworth, has died after a 10 year battle with a brain tumour. Carl Piddington, 52, was diagnosed 10 years ago but passed away on Tuesday.

He was initially told he had a year to live but inspired others by defying the odds. He and his dad, Bill, who died in 2012 at the age of 71, were often campaigning for Brain Tumour Research.

The charity confirmed Carl’s passing. Bill had left Coronation Street to spend more time with his son after the diagnosis.

Carl was a father of three and a grandfather.

In 2017, Carl wrote a post for Brain Tumour Awareness, saying: ‘Over the years I have been near death many times, usually in an ambulance, terrified, with sirens blaring. I must be indestructible like Captain Scarlet. We spend a lot of time together so I talk to my tumour, telling it “you’re not going to beat me”.

‘You have to live your life and I really believe in thinking positive and putting up a good fight. Maybe it will get me, maybe it will be something else, but I’m not going to sit and wait for it. As my dad always used to say, while laying his hands on my shoulders and looking into my eyes, “you are a lion, my son”.

‘The whole family, and many of our friends, have got behind us and helped raise thousands for Brain Tumour Research. It keeps us busy and motivated. I get angry about the lack of funding and, like my dad who was a patron of Brain Tumour Research, I will always do everything I can to raise awareness.’

Carl raised a lot of funds for the charity over the years.

You can read his story and get help, support and information by visiting the website of Brain Tumour Research.

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