Kylie Jenner Is Cashing In On Viral 'Rise and Shine' Craziness, But Stormi Is Already Over It

Kylie Jenner Is Cashing In On Viral 'Rise and Shine' Craziness, But Stormi Is Already Over It

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star and makeup mogul has already begun merchandising the viral phrase through her own website.

You don’t become a billionaire, or exist as part of the Kardashian-Jenner family, without seeing opportunities to monetize anything and everything round every corner. Kylie Jenner is looking to capitalize quickly on her sudden "Rise and Shine" viral fame.

She’s already negotiating with Ariana Grande to sample the viral clip that blew up across the Internet after first appearing in a tour of the Kylie Cosmetics office. Kylie sang briefly to daughter Stormi, and that was all it took.

From compliments on her vocal talent — in a family that hasn’t displayed much in that area — to remixes, memes and more it’s been impossible to escape "Rise and Shine" for a week now. And then she took it to an absurd extreme on Thursday morning by turning herself into the iconic baby sun from "Teletubbies." But even that was just a hint at what was to come later in the day.

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By Thursday evening, the accolades, the attention and the viral status of the candid moment had become a true marketing and sales opportunity for Kylie, who married it with her "Teletubbies" image to create what is easily one of the most ridiculous products she has ever made available on her website.

But it is real, it is for sale and she is virtually guaranteed to sell so many of them she can probably see that second billion hovering ever closer and closer. After all, what self-respect Kylie stan doesn’t want a hoodie with the words "Riiise" and "Shiiinnee" on the sleeves (yes, that’s how she’s spelling it) and … and … Kylie’s face in a sun on the chest.

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The hoodie also comes in white with a slightly different design, but both of them can be found on for the crazy low (or maybe just crazy) price of $65.00. EACH!

Note that this is not a paid advertisement, nor are we specifically saying that you should go out and buy this product. We’re more marveling that you can go out and buy this product at all, and tipping our hats to the business-savvy of the world’s youngest "self-made" billionaire.

As for the hoodies, they would pair beatifully with a t-shirt featuring Kris Jenner flipping the bird, a pair of thong panties with Kylie’s name all over them and a nice blue ball cap that says "Chill Bitch" on it (all real products).

But as much as we are loving Kylie taking "Rise and Shine" to the next level, it looks like at least one critic is already over it. In another post to her Instagram page, Kylie shared an adorable clip of Stormi dancing along to one of the infinite remixes of "Rise and Shine."

"You like it?" Kylie asks her daughter, but Stormi hit back with a question of her own. "Daddy sing?"

When Kylie clarified that it was mommy singing, Stormi actually turned off the music and repeated, "Daddy sing." Only this time it wasn’t a question.

"Oh, I’m not good enough?" Kylie asked amiably, while Stormi simply repeated, "Daddy sing!"

Kylie captioned the pic "Daddy’s girl," while daddy Travis Scott jumped into the comments to add, "Wild" with heart-eyes and a heart emojis.

Sounds like someone might not be getting the toddler version of the "Rise and Shine" hoodie!

You can check out all the adorableness below (and we dare you to try not to smile).

daddy’s girl 🙄🙄😍

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