Kristin Davis Cannot Get Enough of This 'Woke Charlotte' Meme from Sex and the City

Kristin Davis Cannot Get Enough of This 'Woke Charlotte' Meme from Sex and the City

Kristin Davis is never too far from the Sex and the City fandom.

The 53-year-old actress shared her love for a meme posted on a fan account called “Every Outfit on SATC” that featured her character, Charlotte York Goldenblatt.

In the show, Charlotte explains to her date that his father had groped her during a dance. Despite trying to give her side of the story, her date doesn’t listen and denies his father would do that. However, the “Woke Charlotte” of the meme does not stand for that.

“My parents have been married for fifty years. My dad would not cope a feel just because some girl is wearing a slutty dress,” he tells her.

Diverging from the show, Charlotte responds, “Your half-baked attempt to gaslight me is almost as pathetic as your sex offender father. Time’s up, motherf——.”

Davis commented on the meme, writing, “This is [the] best #wokecharlotte ever,” along with a fist emoji.

Fans have created many memes of Davis’ character in the iconic show which depict Charlotte having a fierce and witty comeback to the sexiest or backward lines that were uttered by some characters in the show.

In one particular meme, Charlotte responds to her mother-in-law Bunny’s criticism of attempting to adopt a child from China.

“I don’t enjoy Mandarin food and I don’t enjoy a Mandarin child,” Bunny said, to which Charlotte responds in the meme, “And I don’t enjoy white supremacy, especially when it comes from within my own family. With all due respect, f— off Bunny.”

#WokeCharlotte is something Davis is familiar with and has expressed her love for in a comment captured by a fan on Instagram late last year.

“I love #wokecharlotte more than life itself,” she commented in the screengrab.

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