Khloe Kardashian shares cryptic post about 'toxic' people after 'cheating' ex Tristan Thompson posts flirty comment

Khloe Kardashian shares cryptic post about 'toxic' people after 'cheating' ex Tristan Thompson posts flirty comment

KHLOE Kardashian shared a mysterious quote about "toxic" people after her "cheating" ex Tristan posted a flirty comment on her photo.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian's star's ex tried to shoot his shot earlier this week despite the couple's very public second breakup.

Khloe, 37, took to her Instagram stories to share a scathing message about holding "toxic" people "accountable."

The reality star's post read: "Just remember, we are all toxic.

"Every single human being is capable of being toxic, has been, currently is, etc.

"But some people have the desire to be educated on it and do better while others will ignore any accountability and continue to act the same way.

"Pay attention," she closed.

Khloe's cryptic message follows her ex Tristan's attempt to reenter her life with a flirty comment.

On Tuesday, the TV personality posted a sexy new photo as she stood in a beautiful tropical location.

The mother of one wore a skin-tight blue long-sleeved dress and had her hair tied back in a bun as she gave the camera a smoldering look.

Khloe captioned her photo: "Daydreaming of being here."

Tristan, 30, was unable to resist as he went straight for the comments section where he wrote three heart-eye emojis.

The NBA player hardly seemed phased by their breakup, after the couple called it quits in late June.

However, Khloe recently made it clear that she was ready to move on from her "cheating" baby daddy, as she hinted that she's looking for someone who sees how "special" she is.

The Good American founder reshared a post that said: "You may not feel like it sometimes.

"But if you could see yourself through the eyes of someone who cares about you, then you will know how lovable and how special you are."

Khloe and Tristan's second breakup follows the news that he was seen heading into a bedroom during a Bel-Air party with three unknown women, only to emerge a half-hour later, looking "disheveled."

An insider claimed the athlete "did a round of ultra-luxurious Deleon tequila shots and Moet champagne" before "repeatedly grabbing the bottom of a female guest."

"A couple of hours later, Tristan took off into one of the party rooms where everyone goes to hook up," they added.

Tristan's lawyer denied the allegations, but the couple split shortly after.

This wasn't the first time the Boston Celtics player was hit with cheating claims, as he was accused of having a sexual relationship with 23-year-old model Sydney Chase earlier this year.

Sydney spoke on a podcast where she claimed she was seeing the father of one for several months after he allegedly lied about being single.

Although Tristan denied all allegations, a source recently told The Sun Khloe is "in pieces" and feels "humiliated" after the reports.

The ex-couple was in talks of using a surrogate to have their second baby, so her dreams of expanding the family were also crushed.

“It’s such bad timing – just as she started talking about using a surrogate to have a second baby with Tristan, this happens. It’s beyond belief," an insider explained.

“I think, for Khloe, having another baby would mean her family was complete – that it no longer mattered what happened between herself and Tristan because she had a little family.

"She was trying to ignore all the problems and issues. And he was telling her that's what he wanted too.”

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