Kerry Katona hits out at ‘unfair’ This Morning after it criticised her weight loss jabs in chat with Holly Willoughby – The Sun

Kerry Katona hits out at ‘unfair’ This Morning after it criticised her weight loss jabs in chat with Holly Willoughby – The Sun

KERRY Katona has hit out at This Morning, calling the show “very unfair” after it featured her in a segment about weight-loss injections.

The 39-year-old mum-of-five says Skinnyjab products, which she promotes, have helped her drop to a dress size eight and lose two stone since August.

This Morning tackled the subject of weight-loss jabs, showing pictures of Kerry and Gemma Collins and questioning their effectiveness.

Between them, the pair claim to have lost five stone, in part due to the weight-loss pen jabs, which can stop you feeling hungry.

Host Holly Willoughby said to viewers: “Could an injection a day help melt the kilos away? That's what Kerry Katona and Gemma Collins would have you believe."

Dr Zoe Williams then said the celebrity endorsements were "irresponsible" – but Kerry blasted that the debate was one-sided.

She told The Sun Online's Big Interview: “I think it's very unfair they didn't have any of us on there. I'm not promoting this just for a pay cheque.

"Of course I get paid, but I also use the product. There are celebrities out there that would promote something and not use the product. I need to know if it works – and it worked for me."

She added that the jabs were designed to be used in conjunction with diet and exercise, insisting: "You don't just take the pen and do b***er all after it."

Kerry famously has history with This Morning, after she appeared slurring on the show in 2008 – insisting the bizarre appearance was down to medication she was taking.

However, she did appear on the show again a decade later, telling Phillip Schofield: "I'm on This Morning – I’ve still got my sense of humour!"

Kerry has struggled to keep her fitness regime on track this year, saying she "comfort ate" after the trauma she suffered in July when her estranged husband George Kay was found dead.

She admitted: "I do still eat s**t from time to time. Tell me I can't have something and watch me go and get it."

However, she added that she wasn't planning to lose any more weight.

Kerry said: "I'm happy being a size 8-10. I'm 5ft 10in – I'm only little, but I've got a big a**e and big t**s so I carry it well.

"I don't want to be super tiny and skinny. I'm only a size three shoe. I'm happy as I am at the moment.

"I just want to maintain being healthy. My downfall is that I smoke – about 10 cigarettes a day."

The star revealed this week in New magazine that she'd been forced to take away her 11-year-old son Max's Xbox games console after a boy he knew told him: "I'm going to rape your druggie mum" over the headset.

She told us: "That was outrageous. It wasn't nice – my boyfriend had to explain what the word 'rape' meant to my son.

"I took the Xbox off Max, even though it wasn't his fault. Kids that age shouldn't even know about my drug past and I blame the parents.

"My children sometimes get punished for my mistakes from 10 years ago, but they know how to defend themselves.

"Get over it, bloody hell. I've got my life together. It's not about how many times you fall – it's about how many times you get up."

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