Kerry Katona gets a face lift and dyes her hair PURPLE weeks before her 41st birthday

Kerry Katona gets a face lift and dyes her hair PURPLE weeks before her 41st birthday

KERRY Katona has undergone a complete transformation just weeks before her 41st birthday.

The Atomic Kitten star, 40, insists she's not having a "midlife crisis" as she gets a face lift and dyes her hair bright purple before hitting the milestone.

"No I’m not having a midlife crisis," she told fans on Instagram.

"I’m loving my new hair colour."

She also explained that she's had a procedure to tighten her face called the Ultracel facial.

"No one like to grow old and wrinkly!" she said.

Kerry's cosmetic doctor and dermatologistDr Nyla Raja explained more about the facial treatment.

"At 40 she’s decided to focus on treatments which are centred around prevention of ageing," she said.

"We have introduced her to our famous and incredibly effective Transformation Facelift which she will soon reveal her results from!"

Kerry has certainly treated herself over the past week.

She also enjoyed a "much needed" romantic break with her fiance Ryan Mahoney at a spa hotel in Macclesfield.

The pair – who met in 2018 – enjoyed their stay at The Tytherington Club, which cost them £139-a-night.

Most recently Kerry left Good Morning Britain viewers in shock after she threatened to WEE on one of the show's guests, and make him "swim in faeces" in a bizarre debate about going to the toilet in the sea.

The star made it clear that people should not use the sea as a toilet when swimming in it during her stint on the ITV breakfast show on Thursday.

Pop culture expert Nick Ede believes that it's okay to do because the sea is large – meaning that it would be diluted.

However he did say that people should not urinate near coral reefs as it can cause damage.

Kerry told Nick: "I'm going to come kill ya, and I'm going to have a big dump and wee in the sea. And then I'm going to make you go swim in it."

She later added: "Nick, you can put suntan lotion on me and I can put pee all over you."

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