Kenya Moore Responds to NeNe Leakes Asking If She's Pregnant with a Buffalo on 'RHOA' Finale

Kenya Moore Responds to NeNe Leakes Asking If She's Pregnant with a Buffalo on 'RHOA' Finale

“I’m pregnant. What’s her excuse?” Kenya tweets.

Kenya Moore thinks NeNe Leakes is "nasty" and "rude" for making a joke about her being pregnant with a heavily built wild ox.

The former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star made a cameo on Sunday’s explosive season finale, where NeNe fired off insult after insult at her former co-star, loud enough so that everyone within earshot could hear her. At one point, NeNe asked Kandi Burruss, "She’s going to have a buffalo, isn’t she?" At the time, Kenya kept her cool, but she took to Twitter after the episode aired.

"Say my name, say my name," Kenya tweeted. "’I’m having a buffalo,’ ‘I’m going into labor’ — I’m pregnant! What’s her excuse? So nasty, so rude."

Kenya also backed both Cynthia Bailey and Kandi’s claim that Cynthia did not know Kenya would be coming to her party. NeNe’s never gotten along with Kenya and felt Cynthia owed her a heads up, but Cynthia maintained she didn’t know Kandi would be bringing her.

In a lengthy video Cynthia and Kandi shared immediately after the episode aired, Kandi explained she got a call from Kenya right as she pulled up to the party. Kandi said she ended up waiting an extra 30 minutes so that Kenya wouldn’t walk in alone.

And regarding all those sketchy, behind-the-scenes moments cameras caught of Cynthia trying to cover up her tracks, Cynthia claimed she always knew Kenya’s presence was a possibility but didn’t feel she owed NeNe that information.

"I never told Cynthia that Kenya was gonna come," Kandi tweeted after the episode aired. "I told her that I was gonna try to get her there. Kenya didn’t even give me a definite answer that she was coming until I pulled up at the party."

"#FACTS," Kenya replied to Kandi’s tweet.

In addition to retweeting fans in support of her comeback, Kenya also retweeted the following message: "A grown-ass woman has to explain to another grown-ass woman why she invited another grown-ass woman to her party. Did I get that right?" Yes. Yes, you did.

But NeNe was also doing some retweeting of her own, including this message: "Sooooo, Cynthia could have warned NeNe because she clearly knew Kenya would be there. Idk, that is a lil shady."

She also retweeted a fan suggesting that if NeNe had brought Phaedra Parks to the party, all hell would’ve broken loose.

NeNe’s emotions have been all over the place this season, mostly because her husband’s cancer battle has affected her marriage in ways she didn’t anticipate. After watching the emotional final scene in which she and Cynthia seemingly patched things up, NeNe tweeted out, "YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW THIS BROKE ME! I WILL NEVER BE OK! NEVER!"

"So much has happened that you don’t get to see!" she continued. "Thank God they showed this [conversation with Cynthia] and gave me a little rope! I’m broken! My sisterhood was real REAL!"

The two are no longer friends.

From the moment Kenya arrived at Cynthia’s party, NeNe gave her the cold shoulder. "Oh, I think a monster’s here. Girl, I could care less," she said when she saw everyone fawning over Kenya. "I know she wants to be here really bad, so…"

Kenya walked in with a tight, red, lace-up dress. "Kenya, I did not expect you to be wearing this dress at nine months!" Porsha Williams said excitedly.

"Me either, honey," NeNe scoffed. "Oh, my God. Doesn’t she look amazing?! She looks amazing, honey. That body is beat, honey." As Kenya said her hellos, NeNe made faces behind her. "The thirst is all the way real, honey!"

Then her partner in shade, Marlo Hampton, showed up. "Oh, wait, I didn’t even see Kenya!" Marlo shouted as she pretended to put her finger down her throat. "Kenya, I didn’t even notice you! You look beautiful!"

"Ain’t she cute?!" NeNe added sarcastically. "Too cute!" Marlo shouted back.

It was painfully uncomfortable.

At the end of the night, Kandi and NeNe were standing by the exit when Kenya made her way to the door. She stopped and gave Kandi a kiss, saying, "I’m leaving, honey!" That’s when NeNe started loudly yelling, "Goodnight! Goodnight, Kenya! Goodnight! She going into labor!" Kenya tried to walk away, but Kandi pulled her back.

"She was saying goodnight," Kandi said to Kenya in an effort to make NeNe look good. Kenya smiled and looked at Gregg Leakes. "Speedy recovery, Gregg," she said. "You’re always in my prayers." That’s when NeNe made the buffalo comment.

This should be an interesting reunion!

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" three-part reunion begins Sunday, April 7 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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