Katie Price horrified as she's banned from driving for another 6 months the same week she's due to be back on the roads

Katie Price horrified as she's banned from driving for another 6 months the same week she's due to be back on the roads

KATIE Price was set to get her driving licence back this week – but was told she’s still banned for a further six months in an admin bungle.

The ex-glamour model, 42, served an 18-month disqualification for failing to identify a driver which ended on Tuesday.

She was “excited” to get back on the roads and had work done to her pink Volkswagen Beetle so she could drive it again.

But when she rang the DVLA on Monday to arrange for a new licence to be sent to her, she was told she still had to serve another six months due to a previous totting up offence for speeding.

However it is believed forms Katie needed to fill out after one of her convictions was sent to an old address and led to the blunder.

A source said: “Katie was really looking forward to being on the roads legally again.

“She rang the DVLA and they dropped the bombshell that she’s banned for another six months and said it was for totting up.

“They advised her to appeal to the DVLA about this.

“She should be driving next week, she hopes. She’s made mistake but this genuinely is an admin error. Katie has done her time.”

Last month we published exclusive snaps of Katie risking jail by getting behind the wheel of a Range Rover before her ban was up.

Police are yet to investigate her over it. Driving while disqualified can lead to six months behind bars.

Mum-of-five Katie has been banned from driving six times in total.

The latest one was for two years in October 2019 after withholding the identity of the driver of her pink Range Rover during a crash in Bexley, South East London, the year before.

She got it reduced to 18 months on appeal and it was set to end on Tuesday.
Her most recent ban for totting up was a six-month one issued in 2018. She has also been sentenced for being drunk in charge of a car.

Last week she mocked her convictions by driving a silver BMW at her Mucky Mansion in West Sussex.

She said in a video: "Guess what? I'm in the driving seat.

"I'm allowed because I am on my land.

“If there was a pap here taking a picture of me and they sell it saying, 'She's driving'. Yeah, but I'm on my land."

Katie’s rep said last night: “Indeed Katie was to receive her licence this week – however on speaking to the DVLA was informed a further time was yet to be honoured due to an admin error in holding an incorrect address for Miss Price.

“Miss Price is appealing and expects to be driving once this matter has been cleared up.”

The DVLA said it does not comment on individual cases.

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