Joel Dommett admits it’s his ‘narcissistic’ dream to hand himself a National Television Award

Joel Dommett admits it’s his ‘narcissistic’ dream to hand himself a National Television Award

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It’s one of TV’s biggest nights of the year as the top names, both on screen and behind the scenes, gather to see which stars and shows the public has voted to be winners of a coveted National Television Award.

And this year it’s going to be an extra-special evening for Joel Dommett, who has already won big by taking over hosting duties.

We asked the comic, 36, how he’s preparing, who he thinks will take home a gong, and why he dreams of handing himself a gong…

Congratulations, Joel! How did you celebrate when you landed the NTAs job?

Honestly, I am so boring. I don’t really celebrate something until it’s done, in case things go in the wrong direction. Once I say, “This has been the NTA Awards 2021,” then I’ll celebrate – I might have one beer or a glass of wine with my wife [Hannah Cooper]. I don’t drink much.

How do you feel about being given such a hugely important presenting role?

Strangely, I feel I should be more nervous than I am. I feel like everything in my career to this point has been leading to this moment. I’ve done gigs where I am performing in front of big crowds, I’ve done Saturday-night shiny-floor things like The Masked Singer and I genuinely think stand-up prepares you for anything that might come your way. This is my Olympics and hopefully, I’ll get into medal contention.

Have you asked anyone for advice on awards hosting?

I’ve spoken to Dermot O’Leary and he’s been really nice. He is someone who has done so much in his career and I look up to him hugely. There are people like him, Davina McCall and Jonathan Ross who will just help you out – and I’ll do the same for the generation who come in after me.

What do you think of this year’s nominees?

There are lots of new people on the list and that excites me. Alison Hammond is up for Best Presenter and that makes me all warm inside. Piers Morgan is too and that’s such a great juxtaposition. I’m a fan of the dramas that are up – my wife and I destroyed Bridgerton in what felt like an afternoon and we loved It’s A Sin. Obviously, I’d love The Masked Singer to win – it would be a narcissist’s dream to hand myself an award with the other hand!

How do you prepare yourself for a live show like this?

It’s a strange one as I just like to be alone with a script and a glass of water. As long as I have had some food I am OK. People have said to me in the past that I am easy to look after. I know some performers like to be part of an entourage but I hate too many people being around me. If I have too much of a fanfare, my heart rate speeds up and I panic.

What has been your worst heckle to date?

A woman once stood up and said, “Why don’t you just read out the raffle?” I will be honest, the raffle happened and I was like, “This is better than what I was talking about and there are some great prizes.” I did a big corporate gig once at the Royal Albert Hall. I was so excited about the venue. My job was to keep everyone in their seats after an awards ceremony before Tony Hadley came on with his band. There were 2,000 people there and nobody listened to me, they carried on talking. I just walked from table to table, chatting away and being ignored.

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