Jill Duggar slammed as 'clueless' for using an R Kelly song on Instagram as fans say she needs to 'educate herself'

Jill Duggar slammed as 'clueless' for using an R Kelly song on Instagram as fans say she needs to 'educate herself'

JILL Duggar was slammed as "clueless" for using an R. Kelly song on Instagram as fans say she needs to "educate herself."

The 90's R&B singer is currently awaiting trial in Illinois and New York on a range of 22 charges including sexual abuse and exploitation, trafficking underage girls, producing indecent images of children and destroying evidence.

Jill, 29, took to Instagram on Saturday to share a video of her husband, Derick Dillard, jumping to kill a bug that was on the ceiling.

Along with the video, she added R. Kelly's song I Believe I Can Fly.

Fans didn't find the song all that amusing as they quickly took to social media for using the song of an alleged sexual abuser.

One Redditor quickly slammed her and said: "She clearly doesn't know …"

A second one agreed, writing: "Yes! Completely clueless."

A third one commented: "Yes, she probably is clueless considering she was forced to live under a rock for 20+ years.

"I mean, sure, educate yourself, but damn it's not reasonable to expect her to download all the information from the pop culture icloud in three years."

A fourth one defended her and said: "Considering there are secular people on this sub who are not in the loop on this, yes, she probably is actually clueless about what's going on with [R. Kelly]."

And a fifth one wrote: "I mean I'm not excusing the use of a song by him by any means, but based on the next story, it seemed like she just wanted to use that specific song and that was probably the first one that popped up when she searched.

"Just seems painfully stupid for her to knowingly use an R. Kelly song with everything that is happening with [Josh Duggar]."

The next story that fans were talking about featured Derick holding a fly swatter with the caption: "Do you think my previous story captures the song perfectly? We thought so!"

Fans commenting on Jill's usage of the song comes as her brother, Josh, is facing time in jail for alleged consumption of child pornography.

He allegedly downloaded material that depicted the sexual abuse of children under the age of 12, the US Attorney’s Office in the Western District of Arkansas said. 

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s oldest son pleaded not guilty to one count of receipt of child pornography and one of possession of child pornography.

He faces 20 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000 if convicted, but was released under house arrest conditions and is living with some of Jim Bob's family friends.

Additionally, Josh has complete access to his six kids with wife, Anna. 

Josh's recent arrest is not the first time he's had legal trouble, as he was previously accused of molesting five girls as a teen.

Two of his victims were his younger sisters Jill and Jessa, who previously admitted he molested them during an interview with Megyn Kelly in 2015.

Following his arrest, Jill told The Sun: "We’re very sad about the whole thing, it’s horrible. It’s all very sad.

"Josh’s wife Anna is pregnant with their seventh child, I cannot imagine how she is feeling."

Law student Derick added: "Obviously if there is anything there related to child pornography, we hope that justice is done. 

"I don’t think anybody supports child pornography.

"We’re sad for Anna, put yourself in her situation and imagine how you would feel if that happened with your family member.

"I imagine it would be really hard."

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