Jersey Shore's Mike 'The Situation' breaks down in tears the moment he learns wife Lauren is pregnant after miscarriage

Jersey Shore's Mike 'The Situation' breaks down in tears the moment he learns wife Lauren is pregnant after miscarriage

JERSEY SHORE: Family Vacation star Mike Sorrentino broke down in tears while finding out his wife Lauren’s pregnant during Thursday’s new episode.

The Situation, 38, and his wife Lauren Pesce said they’d been waiting a “long time” for this after sharing the sad news of her miscarriage in 2019.

This past November, Mike announced they were again expecting a child, and fans got to see the emotional moment the couple learned Lauren was pregnant during the new Jersey Shore episode.

During their Las Vegas getaway, Mike, who is five years sober, waited anxiously by the bed, pacing back and forth, as his wife was in the bathroom taking a pregnancy test.

She decided to take one after her husband suggested it because she had been “feeling weird.”

He kept asking her what the test said, what the results were, but she told him he had to be patient because it took a few minutes.

During a confessional clip, Lauren told the camera: “This would mean the world to me if this test is positive.”

Eventually, the 36-year-old revealed the results were in and she exited the bathroom to find her husband nervous to hear what she had to say.

He couldn’t even move his feet over to hear and begged for her to come to him to tell him if they were having a baby or not.

As soon as she got close to him, she excitedly whispered to him: “It says it is.”

The Situation started crying and hugging Lauren, telling her, “Stop it,” unable to believe it was finally happening.

After seeing him get emotional, Lauren said to Mike: “You're gonna make me cry!”

With tears rolling down his face, the Dancing With the Stars alum kept hugging his wife and repeating, “We did it! We did it, honey.”

The two shared their thoughts in more confessional videos, with Lauren saying they were all “happy tears” because they had waited a long time for this moment and were so excited.

Mike got choked up again, saying: “I have a really awesome comeback story. I do. And it hasn’t been easy for us…but I wouldn’t change a thing because it has made me into the man that I am.”

Back in November, the two shared the baby news on their respective Instagrams, with Mike captioning his post, "We have a Baby Situation," while Lauren wrote on hers, "Our biggest blessing is on it’s way."

The various photos showed Mike and Lauren looking happily at each other in one and them kissing in another – all this as "Baby Sorrentino May 2021" was written on the kitchen island.

Lauren suffered a miscarriage in 2019 after conceiving the night Mike wrapped up an eight-month prison sentence for tax fraud.

She once told People about the experience: "When this unexpectedly happened to us at the end of October, we were devastated and caught off-guard.

"It was the most traumatic thing I’ve ever experienced in my life, and I think also for Mike, because he was seeing me suffer and he didn’t know how to take it away.”

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