Jennifer Saunders reveals Dolly Parton's 'beautiful' boob tattoos

Jennifer Saunders reveals Dolly Parton's 'beautiful' boob tattoos

Jennifer Saunders has lifted the lid on Dolly Parton’s secret tattoos on her boobs.

Dolly’s hidden ink has been at the centre of speculation for years, with the star recently stating that all of her artwork is ‘tasteful’.  

In an exclusive clip shared with from tonight’s episode of There’s Something About Movies, Jennifer claimed the legendary country singer revealed her intimate tattoos to her and Roseanne while they chatted in a bar in Los Angeles.

After spotting Dolly in the establishment, Jennifer recalled: ‘We staggered over and Dolly was so gracious. We sat one side, she sat the other side.

‘Dolly and Roseanne are sharing stories about tattoos and Dolly went, “Okay, I have tattoos” and we went, “Really? Dolly Parton, you have tattoos?”

‘And she just unbuttoned her little jerkin and there’s full t*ts, rose up, I have to say, and she has the most beautiful tattoos, like works of art.’

Jennifer’s audience were captivated by her story of Dolly, and seeking confirmation of the location of the tattoos, Rafe Spall asked: ‘On her boobs?’

‘On her boobs,’ Jennifer confirmed. ‘In her arm pits. And then she buttoned it back up and went, “So that will go no further.”

‘It was honestly the strangest thing.’

In September, Dolly told People: ‘I do have some tattoos, that’s true. But, they’re tasteful, I’m not a tattoo girl.’

Insisting that her tattoos are more inconspicuous than a sleeve, she said: ‘My tattoos are pretty, they’re artful and they usually started out to cover some scar, not to make a big statement.’ has contacted Dolly for comment.

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