Jamie secret, Maya shock act, Victoria rape agony and more Emmerdale spoilers

Jamie secret, Maya shock act, Victoria rape agony and more Emmerdale spoilers

There are showdowns and reveals aplenty coming up in Emmerdale as Kim Tate (Claire King) is stunned to meet her son Jamie’s (Alexander Lincoln) secret family and before long, she is making an enemy of her new daughter-in-law Andrea! Imagine having Kim Tate as a mother-in-law…

Meanwhile, Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) bravely comes clean to loved ones about her rape ordeal but then has a stunning revelation that leaves Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) reeling – she plans to keep the baby.

In other developments, Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) can’t keep away but could be her own undoing while Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) is touched by Vanessa Woodfield’s (Michelle Hardwick) efforts.

10 Emmerdale spoilers

  • Kim is shocked to meet Jamie’s wife and daughter.
  • Victoria reveals to Robert and Diane that she is not having a termination.
  • Maya spies on Jacob as he vows to stand by her.
  • Jai and Laurel continue to feel sparks fly.
  • Kim and Andrea cross swords over Jamie.
  • Eric catches Maya and gives her an ultimatum.
  • Victoria tells her close friends about what she went through and they struggle to disgest the news.
  • Vanessa is house hunting for Charity and herself.
  • Nicola suspects Liam is hiding something about his dead wife.
  • Robert refuses to support Victoria’s decision.

Monday 3rd June

Kim is infuriated when a woman in a car frightens her horse and she immediately lashes out at her. But before long, she is stunned to learn that Andrea and her daughter Millie are Jamie’s family.

Robert and Victoria arrive home while Dawn gets some hopeful news and Jai and Laurel continue to flirt as sparks fly at the factory.

Tuesday 4th June Part One

David is frustrated to learn that Jacob is insisting on waiting for Maya. The reality of Victoria’s pregnancy hits home as her morning sickness gets worse and later, Robert and Diane digest the news that she plans to keep the baby.

Meanwhile, Marlon wants answers.

Tuesday 4th June Part Two

As Robert makes it clear that he can’t support Victoria’s decision, she opens up to her friends about what Lee put her through and they all reel from the shock. Meanwhile, David’s anger over Maya’s hold on Jacob explodes.

Harriet faces some strong scrutiny but Dawn’s hope remains alive.

Wednesday 5th June

Maya watches Jacob from afar and Eric clocks her and heads over to the B and B to call the police. Maya catches up with him and cuts the call – but he issues her with an ultimatum. Tell Jacob she doesn’t love him and disappear – or he calls the police.

Liv questions Jacob about his future and Robert struggles over Victoria.

Thursday 6th June Part One

Bernice begins to question Liam’s past with his late ex-wife, especially when Nicola stirs the pot. Meanwhile, Lydia takes on a project for the Dingles while Charity is touched by Vanessa’s effort and tries hard to recieprocate.

Meanwhile, David is left frustrated.

Thursday 6th June Part Two

Bernice’s digging threatens to throw up some dark skeletons from Liam’s past but has she got the wrong end of the stick?

Meanwhile, David faces some tough home truths while Charity gets a surprise.

Friday 7th June

Charity and Vanessa discuss their options for living together but will they find their dream home? Meanwhile, as frustrations bubble to the surface and events spiral out of control, there is suspicion over David’s actions.

Zak grows frustrated and snaps at Lydia as the pressure mounts.

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