Jamie Oliver on the hunt for takeaway lovers for ‘exciting’ new show

Jamie Oliver on the hunt for takeaway lovers for ‘exciting’ new show

Telly chef Jamie Oliver has kickstarted a search for takeaway lovers to take part in his new show, in which they will learn how to cook.

The 44-year-old, who famously caused controversy when he got turkey twizzlers banned from school dinners, has opened applications from those eager to learn the culinary arts for themselves.

Taking to Facebook, Jamie wrote: "Guys I'm working on a new TV show and I'm looking for people who eat a lot of takeaways and want to stop relying on them and learn how to cook for themselves.

"If you know someone who loves food but doesn't love cooking, click the link for an application form and let me know all about them."

The link takes hopefuls to Jamie's website, which features a few more guidelines and requirements.

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It reads: "Whoever you are, whatever your age or background, we are looking for non cooks to take part in an exciting new TV programme.

"If something is stopping you, or someone you know, from putting that apron on, then we would love to hear from you!"

Those hoping to take part have to send in an application form, as well as a photo of themselves and one of their kitchen.

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Applicants must be over the age of 18 and a legal resident of the UK.

Questions ask applicants their favourite food, to rate their cooking skill and how often they eat takeaways, ready meals or frozen food.

It also asks why they prefer those types of meals, instead of something fresh and home-cooked.

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The applications also asks what applicants would most like to learn to cook, and who they want to cook for.

The terms and conditions suggest the new show will air on Channel 4, though it's not clear when.

People have already been flocking to the Facebook post to nominate themselves or others.

One wrote: "I'd like to nominate myself please Jamie. I've a disability and rely on takeaways."

Another joked: "Well I'm a master at burning toast, and nearly everything I cook doesn't have taste. Urgh."

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