‘It’s not funny!’ Dr Hilary Jones blasts Nicki Minaj over ‘ridiculous’ Covid vaccine claim

‘It’s not funny!’ Dr Hilary Jones blasts Nicki Minaj over ‘ridiculous’ Covid vaccine claim

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Dr Hilary Jones has blasted Nicki Minaj over a tweet where she claimed her “cousin’s friend” in Trinidad became “impotent” and “called off his wedding” after receiving the Covid vaccine. The Good Morning Britain resident slammed the “damaging” claim after being asked his opinion by hosts Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid. 

Richard began: “She has 22 million followers, She has no comprehension that that ridiculous tweet actually does do real damage.”

“Dr Hilary the trouble is if you include vaccine and impotent in a tweet to 22 million people, what impact is that going to have?” Susanna asked. 

He replied: “A damaging impact. I can think of many reasons why a young man might develop swollen bits and call of his marriage and having the Covid-19 vaccine isn’t one of them.

“It potentially does huge damage people look at those two things together and think, ‘I’m not having it.’

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“She later said no-one understood my sarcasm and sense of humour but it isn’t funny, it’s very damaging and dangerous.”

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