'It's going to be awful' – Claire Byrne finds out her metabolic age live on TV

'It's going to be awful' – Claire Byrne finds out her metabolic age live on TV

Presenter Claire Byrne predicted an “awful” result as she took the fitness test that dumbfounded Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

Mr Varadkar, who is 40, was bemused to learn that his metabolic age was as high as 53 during a special segment on RTÉ show ‘Operation Transformation’.

Now it was the turn of the ‘Claire Byrne Live’ presenter to take the same test live on air.

Byrne was joined by Professor Niall Moyna from the DCU School of Health and Human Performance.

As she removed her shoes, he explained that a machine would pass a small electrical current through Byrne’s body and this would help calculate the composition of muscle and fat. This is then compared to other members of the population to work out a person’s estimated ‘metabolic age’.

“See I don’t life weights, I don’t do any of that … it’s going to be awful,” protested Byrne, who said that her team had persuaded her to take the test and that she thought it would be “craic”.

“I’m 43, and I don’t lift weights or do any kind of resistance (training) so if I get 53 I’ll be happy because I think that’s what I deserve,” she added.

“We’ve heard all the excuses now,” said Prof Moyna as the results came in.

“Twenty eight,” he announced to the delight of the presenter.

“I’m so relieved, so relieved,” said Byrne.

Prof Moyna went on to explain that while Byrne may not lift weights, she was very active and exercised regularly which, combined with diet, can help reduce fat and build muscle.

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