Is Top Boy season 4 the final series?

Is Top Boy season 4 the final series?

TOP boy fans were relieved when Netflix revived the tense drama, following its drop by Channel 4 after two seasons.

Netflix's rescue was initially planned for two further seasons – so, is it time for fans to say goodbye again, for real this time?

Is season four of Top Boy the last?

Netflix is keeping its cards close to its chest when it comes to Top Boy.

Netflix hasn't explicitly said that season four will be the last, so a fifth season remains a possibility.

According to Digital Spy Top Boy beat 13 Reasons Why and Suits to become the most-watched series in the UK in 2019.

But a fifth season may depend on how the fourth is received by viewers.

What happened in season 3 of Top Boy?

The start of season three – Netflix's season one – sees kingpin Dushane Hill (rapper Ashley Walters) in Jamaica, where he has fled to avoid prison.

He works his cousin's car rental shop and makes a deal with Sugar (Gilbert Chen), an imprisoned drug lord.

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Dushane returns to Summerhouse to sell Sugar's product – looking to regain his Top Boy position.

But he is confronted by a rival gang from London Fields, led by ruthless Jamie (Michael Ward).

Gerard John "Sully" Sullivan (rapper Kano), underboss of Dushane, starts the season in prison.

Here, he gets caught in a power struggle with drug dealer Modie (rapper Dave).

When Sully is released from prison, he gets back in contact with Jason (Ricky Smarts) – Sully's right-hand man – and drug dealer Gem (Giacamo Mancini).

Dris (Shone Romulus), who has also worked under Dushane, has been left partially disabled by a stroke.

He struggles with his renewed responsibilities when Dushane returns to Summerhouse.

The shock ending for Top Boy fans was the discovery that drug users Sarah and Lee were actually undercover police officers.

At the close of the final episode a female investigator about Dushane: "This guy shouldn't be on our streets. He should be inside for the rest of his life."

When is season four out on Netflix?

Season four – or Netflix's season two – will be released on March 18, 2022.

Ashley Walters is executive producer as well as a cast member for the fourth season.

He told NME: "Rest assured to everyone listening or watching, we’ve got another banger for ya. It’s definitely going to be good."

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