Inside the mind of a stuntman to the stars

Inside the mind of a stuntman to the stars

ALFONSO Steele has made as many films as Hollywood legends Cary Grant and Bette Davis combined. But if you’ve never heard of him, that’s just the way he likes it.

Alfonso is one of today’s greatest stuntmen, doubling for some of the silver screen’s most famous faces. And he loves adventure: even after the director calls “Cut!”, you might find Alfonso excavating the Tomb of Ra or digging for a gold Bonanza – on his phone.

Whats the secret of your success?

I work hard to make things look easy. Life’s a real ride, with more ups and downs than a chimpanzee on a bungee-jumping holiday. But wherever there’s a challenge, you can count me in.

How did you get into the business?

You could say I was born into it. My mother Sapphire went into labour during an early screening of Shaft. To this day, my toes start tapping at the slightest hint of an Isaac Hayes tune.

Do you enjoy your work?

Are you kidding? I love it. It can be tough, and – like any job – some days are better than others. But the downtime is epic. How else would I get the chance to hang around with some of the most beautiful people in the world, and get paid for it?

Have you ever suffered a bad injury?

I once sprained a thumb picking up my casino winnings during some downtime while filming a swords-and-sandals epic in Le Touquet. I’m superstitious about that sort of thing, so now during breaks in filming I only indulge in online gaming. I make sure it stays epic, though.

What do you mean?

I do this job because I like adventure. I like to see and do unusual things. That doesn’t change when I’m not working. It’s important to me that I can find something fun while chilling. I’ve driven thousands of cars, but there aren’t many I’ve enjoyed taking for a spin as much as I do PokerStars Casino.

Got any tips?

Don’t rush. Understand the game. In some of them, like Book of Dead or Eye of Horus, it’s worth taking time to enjoy the epic Egyptian backdrops, such as the Tomb of Ra. In others, like Bonanza or Dynamite Riches, speed is of the essence, but don’t let the excitement of the gold mine setting carry you away.

Wolf Gold and Dragon’s Luck, meanwhile, are for people who like their myths to come with a bit of magic. And who doesn’t need a bit of magic in their lives? The magic’s worth waiting for, but if my day job has taught me one thing, it’s never to take unnecessary risks. Stay cool, keep your head and take some time out from the game. Always play responsibly.

We meant for life…

Oh. Make the most of every moment you’re on the planet. And recognise when you’re on top: otherwise how can you ever hope to quit while you’re ahead?

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